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You are seriously debating whether or not anyone is capable of changing their fatness because according to you, once fat, an individual is incapable of deciding to no longer want to be fat? I didn’t say I hoped these cripples change their mind — they are obviously terminal as you say. But for those who find themselves associating with these gremlins because of de facto political leanings...I’ve no doubt that some do decide to make a change. Whether or not it’s to stop being fat or to stop being an insufferable cunt like these turds, makes no difference to me, but it struck a chord with you enough to show your inflexibility about a subject I was not commenting on. Plasticity is a biological function as well as it is psychological. But whatever, all these motherfuckers can do a scooter flip off a cliff for all I care

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Awh, ain't that cute, a salty liberal doesn't want to recognize its fellow hamrades-in-arms. Buddy, this cancer is your...bread and butter. Own it.