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Even worse is that some unfortunate person is gonna have to sit next to that blob on the plane. Hopefully it's a short flight.

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I'd raise hell if someone like that sat next to me and didn't buy 2 seats.

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Once in college before I was a full-fledged shitlord, I spent a 3-hr flight desperately clinging to the window to try and not touch the fucking obeast taking up 2/3rds of my seat. Now that I know better, I screenshot the airline’s fatty policy so that if a ham puts so much as their pinky hoof on my side of the armrest I can raise hell and make them gtfo. Of course now that I’m prepared it hasn’t happened in years, but I’m just waiting for the day....

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It will end when we stop treating these fucks for medical care. Imagine if they were out of the healthcare pool how much cheaper overall care could be...

We should stop helping the worst of humanity and give them the philosophy of the closed fist (not giving). They should learn to own their choices...or die.

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The insurance company my work uses actually charges extra monthly fees if you are over weight/obese. The best part is that doctors give reports of your current BMI / if you're a smoker to the insurance company after a check-up. So if they want do dispute the higher premiums, they have to actually go get measured by the docs again. Unsurprisingly, the fats rarely sign up for the company plans lol

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Damn! It amazes me how the human body these days can handle that absurd amount of weight even though human bodies were not designed for this in the first place.

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Thank you modern "medicine"!


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Ooey gooey yellow fat coats their insides.

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Sure we were. For short periods of time you should be able to carry your body plus say a white tail deer carcass several miles without causing permanent damage to your body. What is astounding is that these greasy sacks of crap have been able to single handedly outpace tens of thousands of years of evolution of a hunter gatherer civilization with their gluttony.

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You know he wasn't late to the flight either. He just didn't want to walk. I wouldn't be surprised if the plane's suspension collapses similarly.

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Wait until the day you see a family of fats buy a new van, then drive it directly to a suspension shop to get forestry springs installed.

Had a family do that near were I live, I'm sure their blubber worked as their personal suspension.

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Haha it was the “blew out” that had me laughing

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Never ride when you can walk! Walk until there are no more legs, then crawl until there are no more arms, then roll. I LOVE walking fast as fuck in the airport!

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Lol so I'm a flight attendant and one of my personal favorite things is walking through the airport with my coworkers (the thin ones). You can feel the fatties glaring at us. Mmmmm fatty tears