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Yeah well, the dumb bitch can say: "Shame on you shamers, boo hoo, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all" all she wants. But we all know the truth, what she's really saying is that it makes her feel bad when her inadequate parenting is pointed out. For being the children of a "celebrity" (though not particularly relevant these days) those kids look like they came right out of the poor house, and three of them are over weight, one of whom - whose gender I can't even rightly identify - is well on its way to obesity. If she really cared, and wanted the burden of shame lifted off of her - she'd do a better job with her own children. What a disgusting job at parenting.

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Seriously! These kids look straight out of a broke-down trailer park where most kids are just bipedal welfare checks for their tweaker hooker moms, not kids whose mega-wealthy Hollywood grandmother foots their bills because their pathetic entitled asshole freeloader parents are too good to work real jobs but spend like A-list actors on D-list incomes.

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if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all

Classic "I have no defense for my bad parenting."

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"I have no real argument against what you're saying because I know that it's true, but wahhh it's so mean, and being mean isn't nice. I need to live in a world with padded wedges on all the sharp corners where nothing hurts me and I'm always protected in my safety bubble with all my cakes and all my conditions."

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The Insta moo-kids pic.

... ugh, only the long-haired one's not porked up.

EDIT: fuck CNN's lazy ass, here's an actual, if insipid, article about it.

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Thats what happens when you try to be the "cool" mum who's friends with your kids, giving into them all the time somehow makes them fat.

Its a sign she cant say no.

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Why are they all dressed like girls? Theres no way the oldest one doesnt get bullied every single day.

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I can't believe someone was desprite enough to fuck Tori Spelling.

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When you sacrifice your fat, ugly children for internet attention, you achieve a new low.

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Why is there a news article recounting what happened on someone's Instagram? How is that news?

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JFC, is the oldest one supposed to be a male?? It already has man-boobs!

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Haha I saw this on Yahoo and instantly thought of you Lurker!

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