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Classless. Put your tongue away, and who is so insecure that they need to post a pic like that to someone random person in a thread. Gross tattoos, hair, gauges, and stretch marks... just vomit.

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"I lost weight but my bust increased"

That's not how this works.

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Why do they think anyone finds neck tits sexy?! Your “bust” didn’t increase, you just got fatter.

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That's disgusting

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Okay, that's disgusting. I shouldn't be the one saying this because I have multiple visible piecings (5 on each ear + a nose ring, not the septum) but I think her facial piercings are tacky as fuck. If you're going to to pierce your face atleast have the decency to get one thats relatively normal (nose, lip, eyebrow is pushing it) but no, these beast are really trying ti be circus freaks.

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Why go on that site tho

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first of all

what are you doing on celeb jihad

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the chance to trigger fatties or muslims.... is a great day.