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It is really telling that we managed to swing from one extreme to the other so quickly without considering for a moment that maybe the healthy middle ground is the ideal. Honestly, the slippery slope fallacy is not a fallacy in so many examples. Just look at political correctness and its continuing out of control spiral. I feel like society has lost the ability to talk about, think about, or do anything in moderation.

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This I'm afraid is the case. As a Buddhist, the Buddha taught about the ''Middle Way'' of avoiding extremes. Society could stand to heed that advice.

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Honestly, sure both are unhealthy as fuck. But I don't hate anorexics, while I despise fat fucks. It's a matter of mentality: Anorexics only direct their hatred towards their own selves (which is obviously not healthy, but that's not the question here). They're not as entitled, annoying, whiny pieces of shit as the HAES hams are. The fats, however, don't only hate themselves but the whole world around them - a constant state of jealousy and seeing all kinds of SJW buzzwords around them all the time. So instead of simply losing weight, they feel entitled to demand the whole world appease them by giving them extra privileges and accommodating them. Fuck them.

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I get annoyed when fatties insist that anorexia is just as big (heh) of a problem as obesity. Um, no. I see 2 people on a regular basis who might fit into the category of anorexic and both are always on the treadmill at the gym. Meanwhile I can't turn my head 3 degrees to the right or left in public without being eye assaulted by an obeast. They are EVERYWHERE. So while I agree that being dangerously underweight is no better than being dangerously overweight, the idea that we need to be sensitive about it because there are so many anorexics is just laughable. Anorexia is a mental illness. Obesity is a societal trend. What's the difference, you might ask? If we went back to shaming fat people, there would magically be a lot less of them. When you shame someone with anorexia, they continue to starve themselves because their issues come from within and require trained professionals to help them recover. All a fat ass needs is a few months away from the buffet. They are not the same at all!

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Agreed, but I think anorexics are less damaging to society than obeasts. They don't need extra plane seats or cause more fuel to be burnt in the air, they don't drive up insurance premiums, I even feel like their medical care is less costly than obeasts in the long run. All anorexics have done is make people suspicious regarding food, so if you don't eat in public very often or something, people might question if you have an eating disorder.

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Is anorexia being glorified? I found out about #hogaccepment by randomly fucking around the internet because their blubbery tentacles are everywhere. I don't know about you guys, but I don't come accross these infamous anorexia advocates anywhere. Fats are making this shit up, right? Something to REEEEE about when people point out they have as many health issues as they have rolls.

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I mean, there definitely was a time on the internet that (depending on where you went like LiveJournal or MySpace) you'd definitely run into places that identified as "pro-ana" and did teach people tricks and tips on how to suppress hunger or which exercises burned the most calories. The difference between this and HAES is that people in the pro-ana movements largely grew up, realized the damage they were doing by spreading this shit and moved on with their lives.

Those who didn't either went so far "underground" in locked forums that they're only really talking to a tiny fraction of the internet, or they largely just keep to themselves. Like someone said, Anorexia and Bulimia are mental illnesses but imagine if they were treated as a societal trend. No one has "glorified anorexia" since like 2001 and it's time to move past that one time someone said something meant to them in grade school about looking like a mini-moon tbh

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There was also a massive backlash in the media and such against pro-ana though, whereas they’re practically giving HAES hogs a platform, what with the bullshit articles and magazine covers and “I was fatshamed by my goldfish” stories and such.

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I'd ana-wreck it.

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Neither of those are attractive... I feel like I should force feed the girl on the right the girl on the left's 5th meal.

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pretty sure no body wins this one

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