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Like, Oh man gaaaaud, I could only get threwwwww, like, two minutesssss? Becauuuuuse, of aaaalll the vocaaaal fryyyyy???? Frrrahmm evvvveryybaahhhdy?? Makes them sound, like, soooo stoopid???

That was painful to type out.

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Things that stood out: 1.The vocal fry. 2. Nick has extremely yellow teeth. More convinced than ever that he is a gay feeder and views this whole thing as performance art. 3. The look on the face of the trainer. She looks...uncomfortable. Clearly wants to tell Tess the obvious truth but swallows it. 4. The lack of eating scenes when that's clearly her main activity.

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WHY do fat chicks think they MATTER?

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Why would anyone watch this? Or the other freak show with that Whitney blobster. What are they, what valuable thing can they show the world, besides being morbidly obese? I hope this trend dies soon.

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People love watching trainwrecks

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On the still frame before starting the video, I swear, and I'm not making a fat joke here, her shirt said "Queen of the Costco".

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"Queen of the Costco"

It said 'Queen of the Crisco.'

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It was disco.

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Disc o' cheese

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Hell is definitely having to listen to this nonstop for eternity. How do their voices not annoy themselves?

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like ohhhhhhhh maaaaaaah gaaaaaawd her husband is sooooooo gaaaaaaaay likeeeee woooooooooooow

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Holy shit. I made it less than 30 seconds. “I just wanna make sure my vag isn’t out...?” Fucking BARF.

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Her vag hasn’t been out for the last 200 pounds.

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