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You only ordered one scoop per person? Are you trying to staaaarve? Sorry that happened to you. What nasty blobs.

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My wife and I eat ice cream frequently (2 -- 3 times a week). We'll walk to one of the local stores and order a "kiddy" or "mini" cup, which is usually about a half cup of ice cream. This amount is perfect for an adult - enough to enjoy, not enough to spoil a meal.

I'm always shocked when the fats order a large serving (1.5 cups of ice cream) and a pint to go (and you know the pint is consumed in the car), but even worse is when their pudgy fatfuck children receive the same size. Thankfully, we see fewer of them at a new artisanal creamery in town due to the fact that artisanal ice cream is generally less sweet.

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Go to steak and shake sometime if you want a show. Those milkshakes they serve are insane ( get a kid size if you ever go). We didn't know how big they were the first time we went and ohhhhhy my gooood .... We took my daughter and two of her friends before a birthday activity ( can't beat the price at $5 a plate) and they are massive the kids tried having a contest who could drink the most yeah didn't work out . One finished and then later got sick. The walk to the establishment after wards one block over practically killed the other two.

Another time we went these two ladies had two each! Another table ordered full sizes for themselves and their kids. It was jaw dropping.

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I was curious and googled those shakes. They look amazing! If I ever go State-side I will definitely seek one out.

But uh...I'll need a small one for sure. I can't drink that in one sitting, my god. How you can have two in one sitting without vomiting is beyond me.

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artisanal ice cream is generally less sweet.

Huh, might have to try some sometime. And anywhere that has less fats is a bonus.

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Ice cream is both.

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Carbs are what you want to avoid. Dietary fat is generally not a problem.

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Now I wanna try green tea ice cream...

Really that's what I hate about All You Can Eat places - fatties hear that like a herding call and they all waddle over there to devastate the place (I feel so bad for servers and cleaning staff on nights where there are lots of fatties).

I don't blame you for not wanting to make a scene while wanting a relaxed night to celebrate that evening, the fatties were already enough of an inconvenience. I don't think I'd want to give them more time and attention just to watch them act like adult babies over it, either. And importantly: "Oreogre." Really now, that's great. Good one.

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"Gave it to her calf" & "oreogre"

puts in memory reserves to use later

Best shit I have heard all day!!!

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Oreogre is great.

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It's worse than that. They didn't even need to share with the child. They could have just ordered yet more ice cream for the child. They didn't need to steal. The reason they steal is simply because they are bad people.

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And that's what I was saying to Mr. Ferret. Although I couldn't hear the conversation between the butter beast and the waiter, I'm sure he probably told it that these ice creams were for another table but he would get them another one momentarily. But no, the fat fuck couldn't give it's spawn one of its ice creams and just wait for the waiter to bring another, that would be too polite. That kid is gonna be really fucked up though aside from having a heifer for a mom, it's also learning that behaving like a bully and stealing things is perfectly acceptable.

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I work at an all you can eat sushi place much like this (on break now) and can 100% confirm this shit happens. They will just grab shit off your tray. And if they accidentally order a healthy thing (fucking heaven forbid) they will try and PAWN IT OFF on other costumers so they don't have to eat it.

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That place did have some fantastic sushi 😍 tell your husband I said congrats on the promotion!

And sugars were still low. They weren't gonna be satisfied until they hit diabetic coma.

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It's a great place when it isn't being clogged up with eatbeasts.

Mr. Ferret says thank you (:

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You should have accidentally spilled a drink on them.

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