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Fat-shaming should be the norm again.

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Shame should be the norm full stop when an individual's conduct falls below that expected by reasonable members of society.

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I don't verbally tell a fat, just give them the disgusted look of dismay. I can read their body language very easily.

[–] Silencedmajor 0 points 24 points (+24|-0) ago 

That's because it isn't a badge of honor. It means you lack self-control and society used to call people out on stupid behaviour.

There is a reason that gluttony and sloth are sins.

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Another prime example of why fats shouldn't wear glasses. Look at how hideous that is. The glasses aren't even resting on moocow's nose where the nose piece is, the rims are resting on her fat cheeks, and tubbalubs had to get super oversized frames so the arms wouldn't be awkwardly stretching out. It's making her already way too fat face look even fatter.

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She should try some facial piercings...those always work to make fats look human

[–] Dagdamor 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago 

What about weird colored hair? Whoud that help too?

[–] Mahkol 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

And tats-lots of them!

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Mother of God, the rim is resting on her cheeks lmao

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I hate this argument tactic. SJWs' arguments always begin and end with "I was called fat." That's something, but then what? To use that as an argument, you have to explain why that's a bad thing. No doubt the explanation can be summarised with "it hurt my feelings" and that's as close as they ever get to a rational point of view. Their entire worldview is based on assumptions of right and wrong that they never questioned.

[–] SlowResponseTime 0 points 16 points (+16|-0) ago 

Followed, of course, by articles such as this piece on Huffington Post where they reeee about reclaiming the word fat and how fat isn't a bad thing.

It's almost like they want to make sure that there's nothing you can say that won't offend them so that they can claim the right to be perpetually offended.

But that couldn't be true. That would be crazy if it were true. That would be intentional hamstering for its own sake so that they never have to take responsibi--.... oh. Nevermind.

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8 Addicts On Why They Are Reclaiming The Word "Alcoholic"

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It's a simple communication misunderstanding. They were not calling her "fat," they were saying “fat” in Cantonese or "fa" in standard Chinese, which generally means to make a fortune. People saw her and thought they were going to be rich because they had discovered a real live dinosaur.

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That's my home town in the background. Much thinner people than this behemoth are called fat to their face ... what makes her so special that she feels entitled to silence?

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You eat rike whrale! You go now!

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Lol hit the gym and stop stuffing your mouth then

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