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I still remember a time when people would be ashamed to admit in public that they weigh over 250 pounds.

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I still remember a time when people felt shame, period. As the daughter of someone who grew up poor, I’m still embarrassed to admit to my mom that I pay someone to paint my tootsies. Publicly whining about being above the weight load for a totally optional luxury service? Good god.

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They should just say the pedicure was done and take the ham's money. It's not as if it can see its feet to know for sure.

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Best comment.

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I can’t bring my cat! I’m suing.

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That explains the pussy marches

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Stupid fatty ,..... suppose to cook sausages not paint them...

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does anybody accept american express anymore?

Also, stop bitching fatty. Businesses have the right to refuse service, maybe their equipment can't hold your weight.

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It's definitely the equipment - pedicure chairs range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and a biz owner is SOL if some fat fuck breaks that equipment - insurance unlikely to cover as the customer was beyond equipment's stated weight, and they're bound to lose in court vs said fatty for knowingly exposing them to a hazard. Way too much risk involved, which is why the weight limit is becoming a fairly standard part of pedicure places

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Alternatively, they can charge more for obese customers in order to cover risk of broken equipment. Eat like cattle, get milked like cattle.

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First thing I thought when I read the salons policy was "well it's probably the chairs weight limit", but of course that doesn't even strike Fatty's mind because of the victim complex... DISCRIMINAAASHUUUUN BOOO HOOO REEEEE

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I asked one of the nail salon techs how much they run, apparently around $5-6k if they have the whirlpool tub and heat and stuff. They have a weight limit for a reason.

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Most places accept it now. More than there used to be. I even went to a place that only accepted American Express, which was really weird.

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My wife's account was "upgraded" to accept Amex without her consent. The higher fees aren't worth it. She still tells them she doesn't take it. Fuck Amex . . .

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They charge super high fees for the merchant

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>that only accepted American Express, which was really weird.

What's wrong with ordinary cash?

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American Express has higher fees.

So many independent/mom & pop shops do not accept them.

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No dog, no cat, no cow, no hippo.

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Since when did pigs need pedicures?

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Since they started to think they are people

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Many fe-mayos are now spending good amounts of time and money on make up, hair, and similar grooming services.

All to distract from their unhuman feces filled forms.

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It's fucking pointless though. A femayo family member would occasionally ask, " do I look alright", after applying some slap on.

I, being an Aspie, would answer honestly, that the make up is not the first thing that would be noticed.

She soon learned not to ask me.

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Im in a lot of wedding/ring shaming groups on Facebook and ALWAYS WITH THE FAT HANDS AND THE MANICURES. We're not allowed to "body shame" there, but there's plenty of comments about the quality of the manicure or the "circulation" of the fingers being at risk (small jabs that undermine the mods' PC attempts)

I'm rounding the corner to 30 years old and I have gotten exactly one mani-pedi in my life. It was nice,but it was time consuming and expensive for the overall product (my nails need to be cut short for my job so I don't really have anything to work with). I understand the appeal of a nice manicure, especially when posing your engagement ring, but if the rest of your fucking fingers have that disgusting pad of fat around them then the entire illusion of "maintained woman" is completely lost.

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Asians are the worlds greatest shitlords and those butthurt fatties are gonna sue for discrimination

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