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Fat brides are hilarious. It's so funny to see all the fat surrounding the spaghetti strap dresses like bread baking around twine. Not to mention the back tits spilling out the back of the dress and watching them pretend like they are beautiful princesses.

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That’s the worst time to be fat next to being a whale in your twenties. I just don’t get how they think. Their whole kind must use some sort of illusion mirror thinking.

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I don't get it either. They must be so committed to their laziness and gluttony to not care how they look on their wedding day

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Fat brides make me ashamed of my gender. Wedding subs are full of them. Even when they post engagement ring pictures, because their actual faces are so ugly, the sausage fingers are a dead giveaway.

Also, I hate the wedding dress trends these days. They're all extremely structured and (to me) strange-looking, I suspect because like 5% of brides are actually in shape enough for a flowy, drapey dress. Like why do fats bother buying an expensive dress, you're going to look like shit anyway? They're delusional.

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I'm going to be a bridesmaid for a wedding in November, and I'll be the thinnest one in the party, by a lot. The bride and the maid of honor are in 14s. The other bridesmaid is a 22. They got so mad when I was told that a 4 was too big on me and I had to get a 2.

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Fat brides are one of the worst ,in my opinion. One imagine a bride: a young woman who start a family,a woman who is in her best moment of life and best shape of life,eyes full of life and joy for the future. Now you often see old and fat skank and the marriage is the last thing remained to do because she is too old. But the fat thing,it's beyond my ability to express all the features of my disgust for all that a bride represent. And the man who marry a whale but what the fuck are you doing man?Plenty of prostitute if you want to bang,you don't have to tie yourself to a dead bag,but maybe you are too a dead bag. Sorry for the rant,I hate fat brides at a super level.

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The whales are marrying whales. Check out the wedding sub if you want to vomit.

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When I tried on my wedding dress the sample was a freaking 10. I ordered a 4 for extra alteration room, but measured at a 2 (bridal size, not vanity size) Had to clip the hell out of the sample. Looked amazing on my wedding day too.

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just think. Theyre only gonna get fatter

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Jesus, where do you live? Are there no normal sized people in your town?

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I live in the South, but not out in the boonies. We do have thin women still in this city. It was unexpected.

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I had this problem when I was shopping for my wedding dress. I went to a nice place and was swimming in every dress I tried on. They had to use those clamp things on the back to keep the dresses from falling off of me, but it was impossible to tell how they would look in a human size when that's how you have to try it on. I think the smallest size I found was a 12 as well.