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I'm gunna tell a tale that induced fat-hating in me from a very early age (8). I got to church early and sat at the end of a pew. Two enormous fat women shuffled in after the service began and sat beside me. At a part of the service where the congregation stands, I stood up but the fatties didn't, and when I went to sit down...there was no space, the fat woman next to me had expanded, so I stood there horribly embarrassed sticking out like a sore thumb while everyone else was seated and the fat bitch showed absolutely not the slightest concern at my predicament. Rot in hell, fatties!


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Jesus wept.


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Haha, good one !


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That was very un Christian of her to leave you standing like that !


[–] jeffjeff 2 points 9 points (+11|-2) ago 

Christian people are frequently fucking awful human beings, but they pretend they're morally superior because jesus. When you add morbid obesity to the christian nastiness you end up with the worst people in the world.