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I'm gunna tell a tale that induced fat-hating in me from a very early age (8). I got to church early and sat at the end of a pew. Two enormous fat women shuffled in after the service began and sat beside me. At a part of the service where the congregation stands, I stood up but the fatties didn't, and when I went to sit down...there was no space, the fat woman next to me had expanded, so I stood there horribly embarrassed sticking out like a sore thumb while everyone else was seated and the fat bitch showed absolutely not the slightest concern at my predicament. Rot in hell, fatties!

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Jesus wept.

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Haha, good one !

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That was very un Christian of her to leave you standing like that !

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Christian people are frequently fucking awful human beings, but they pretend they're morally superior because jesus. When you add morbid obesity to the christian nastiness you end up with the worst people in the world.

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I refuse to sit in bariatric seats. I dont want to be sitting on a seat covered in a fatties buttsweat. Being in the Hamerican south and having an autoimmune disease means lots of fatties and regular doctor visits. Fuck this place.

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I'm torn, I agree with your hygiene concerns but I also love how angry fatties get when you take one of "their" chairs

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Maybe change your pants as soon as you get home and wash them on sanitize cycle. Even then, thats quite the bullet youre taking.

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Maybe I should bring a roll of clip wrap next time? "Just making sure i dont come in contact with germs, you know".

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Buttsweat is the most vile thing I've ever encountered.

Had a classmate in 6th grade that was probably 6ft 300. Skin tags, moles, warts, dirty gross skin, you name it he had it going on. We arrange into groups one day and he sits in my seat. I honestly dont know how he fit at the desks period. But he left an actual PUDDLE in it.

I had to get the teacher to exchange my chair and it was a big deal in the class. Everyone was repulsed, we all already collectively thought he was gross this just amplified it.

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See, if the chairs are plastic I legit wipe em down with disinfecting wipes. I go to college and paired with having a shit immune system, I kind of have to since all the spaces are shared by so many people all day long.

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Im torn between advising you save yourself and run; or stay there and be a good shitlord. Knowing the south though .......ok just run. You can't win. You'll be squashed.

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I'm stuck here until I can graduate college, after that I'm thinking about going west. I love the mountains but Appalachia is hella fat.

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Didn't even cross my mind. Gross

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Fats have Atopic Dermatitis more than normal weight people.


Atopic Dermatitis leads to pronounced infection rates of staph and other diseases because they lack peptides which act as infection killers.

In conclusion, fats spread disease. They carry disease and their bodies do not deal with the infections like a normal human. Our media, the government, doctors, and other health professionals are complicit in the conspiracy to cover up this information. Fats are a public health concern and their habits are killing you, your family and your neighbors. It is an endless feedback loop of idiocy and disease. People need to wake the fuck up.

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I've spent a lot of time in hospitals, and I since I'm a pretty small adult I used to curl up in those seats when I wasn't feeling well. And then I realized what they were for. Never again.

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People don't realise it but hospitals are not safe places.

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Nope. Full of germs and shit. And fat people :(

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Weeping cellulitis weeped into those seats.

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Prions, viruses, bacteria, fungii, and a host of other pathogenic entities are spreading like wild fire in our indoor environments. Science is just beginning to study this crap and the complexity is staggering. This is likely going to be known in the future as a problem that makes the black plague look like the common cold.

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He meant "fat fuck" + "chairs". Not "fat fuck-chairs" like I thought.

Thank God.

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What kind of degenerate do you think I am?

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Thank God. I had thought I found a new level of depravity which I did not know existed.

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If you can't fit in a chair, that seems like a good sign that you should be standing instead of sitting. It's only a matter of time before those extra wide chairs are deemed only big enough for anorexics anyway.

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Isn't that the one who trained squirrels to attack her ex boyfriend?

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Hey, think you're right. I just saved that pic cause combo of crazy eyes and fat face. Old bulletin board I was on had inline images, so I collected 1000s of them, but sometimes no idea of the context. I used them for situations or sentiments, but got in trouble for people knowing background that I didn't. Should prolly stick w/ fakey cat gifs, as have no factual history. https://i.imgur.com/GgvHT5k.gif

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Accidental shitlording makes me so happy :) good on your GF!

However, I wouldn't sit on any of those chairs. They're contaminated with faecal matter and Lord knows what kind of slime.

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It's like seat for couples in the cinema lol

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That's kind of what she thought it was. A bench for couples to sit on lol.

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