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They say this as if it would be okay to be smallfat. "Oh, I knew I was fat, but I wasn't that fat." So what? You shouldn't be any fat. You shouldn't be okay with having a muffintop, never mind a fupa. This is why shaming smallfats is the prevention that is more important than the cure.

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I mean, 280 pounds isn't a normal BMI until you hit a height of 7'5"...

You'd have to have made this list for it to even remotely be okay of a weight.

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"Im saggy and should tone up haha"

Its too late, that skin will always look disgusting no matter what you do haha

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"I still have a little ways to go to get into a healthy bmi" ya, like another 100lbs or so on top of the 50 youve lost. Christ. Just looked at a bmi calculator for women. Normal bmi range is 119-159 at 5'7", and this hog is still 230+. And im sorry, but 5'7" 159 sure sounds fat to me regardless of what the calculator says.

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And she somehow doesn’t consider her starting BMI of 43.9 “super fat.”

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43.9 is "curvy," 50-55 is "voluptous," and 55-60 is "a bit overweight."

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I'm sure she has a goal weight in mind that's still way fat, like 180lbs.

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I was 155 at my highest weight (5’9”) and I felt like a disgusting fat fuck. I cannot imagine being 125 lbs fatter.

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A 5'7 woman would have to be a professional body builder and on steroids to justify being 159lbs.

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I’m that height, and I was 155 in college, but that was indeed from weight lifting and sprinting. I bulk like crazy. Went back down to 135 lbs six months after getting off the two a days I was on, and went down two dress sizes.

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Excuse me while I pull up my handy bmi chart here....let's see here....great, it doesn't even go up to her weight, it stops at 260. That's pushing a 44 bmi, as another commenter mentioned. As I recall, being over a 40 bmi is what qualifies someone for weight loss surgery.

At that height and weight I don't see any way, being generous even, that she's anything less than a size 22. There's no way to be that size and not know you're super fat. Have you seen a 22? It's a tent. I can't begin to imagine how distorted someone's thinking has to be for them to be that size and think, "I'm a little pudgy but at least I'm not a deathfat. teehee."

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It was probably told by its friends that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 and was like "I'm only 10 sizes from looking like Marilyn Monroe, I'm close to being a model!"

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I think those cows have Monroe at a size 14 now. I imagine in the next five or so years they'll say she was a size 18. In reality they struggled to fit one of Monroe's dresses on a current size 2 mannequin, if I recall correctly.

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I hate it when fats use anxiety/ depression or some other life event to justify their eating habits. We all have problems learning how to deal with them in a healthy manner is part of being an adult.

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Lost 50lbs... still 100lbs overweight.

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Does it make me pathetic that I like that this ham, instead of going "oooh, gimme!!" to the WLS, started using MFP and CICO instead?

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Because the WLS patients then eat a bunch afterwards, stay fat, and then demand you smile about it because, as a "professor" puts it, "I'm a typical bypass patient. Typical. Somehow their bad choices are the fault of juhnetiks and surgery, and completely inevitable.

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Failed bariatric surgery fats are quite funny though. Fat distribution gets so weird after they've had the excess skin removed.

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Not at all! It means a better chance of it getting back to humanity if it doesn’t opt for the quick-n-easy instant gratification option

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I mean, better it happens never at all. Bit if it's making the effort to do it properly, then perhaps it'll have less of a chance of backsliding? I dunno, I can almost sort of respect the rejection of WLS there. They got that right - instead of taking the easy route they saw the convo with their GP as a wake up call

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I call bullshit. Everyone knows if you’re atleast 100 pounds overweight from the high end of healthy BMI, you’re considered death fat/obese class 3 territory.

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