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My base has Friday off so I'm taking the day to go check out a Hobie 16 that's for sale. If I end up getting it, I'll not only be a SSgt shitlord but a sailing shitlord too.

Edit: Just bought the boat. I am now the proud owner of a hobie 16.

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I'm just waiting for you to use the pick up line, "you like seamen?"

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Lol, I ain't no Navy scrub.

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Congrats bud, it's one of the two most happy days in your life

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Ha, thanks man. Considering that I only spent $500 on it and the trailer, I'm considering it money well spent.

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Shush, we all learn these things for ourselves. (FUCK you bass boat!)

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I find FPH hilarious - particularly the terminology used e.g. hams, humans. I think people who oppose the site take themselves too seriously.

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Guy im working with is making me fucking sick. EVERY FUCKING DAY after dinner, big ass bowl of ice cream with a glass of milk. When thats done the fat fuck washes it down with a gatorade. Its about 5'10" and im guessing 325. Thinks its an athlete because it played football in highschool, like 12 years ago.

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Okay you eating disordered or just diet minded individuals, I know you're here and I know it's hard to find community bc you get kicked off Instagram and Tumblr, and this verse isn't meant for eating disorders, although hating the fats is fun. So I made a subverse called skinnybitches for more specific eating disorder and otherwise classic diet stuff. Its a place to be catty and share stuff you cant here, like diets or workouts or thinspo. Guys are welcome too. (I got permission to post this)

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Thanks. I love the fat hate, but yeah. The only condiments in my fridge are mustard and salsa. Imma check it out.

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I'm there. I promise to get verified here ASAP too. This is my public pledge @Speshul_Sn0wflake please start the clock

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Are any other car fans finding themselves completely disillusioned with the current state and trajectory of the car world?

F1 is the perfect example. I remember hearing the screaming V8s in 2013 and I still haven't recovered from the disappointment that was the turbos in 2014. Those old, aspirated engines changed my life and I still stupidly maintain hope that F1 will go back in the face of all reason because I want it that bad. What I wouldn't kill to hear a V10 in person ... I only follow the sport for the memes now because the boats cars and their halos, turbos, and batteries just aren't exciting. I'll probably quit soon.

Then there is Lamborghini who has made an SUV and Ferrari who has turbocharged the 488 and also has plans for an SUV. I mean, really? Ferrari and Lamborghini making soccer mom cars? Fuck that. Aston Martin managed to make the DB11 dull by turbocharging their V12 and they are are buying a, you guessed it, twin turbocharged V8 from AMG for their Vantage. You got anymore of that natural induction?

Of course there is electrification left , right, and centre too. Half of Europe plans to kill ICEs in the next decade or so because apparently joyless buzzboxes are the future. Don't even get me started on autonomous cars and that shitshow.

When did people completely lose their passion for cars? They used to be emotional and beautiful. People used to love driving and making noise. WEC used to be a symphony of cylinders and now it's V4s hybrids and diesels. Manual transmissions are an endangered species, advertising is about insurance rates and fuel economy instead of excitement and freedom, and individual styling and flair among a manufacturer's models is dead in favour of a fleet of cars that are just the same car made bigger or smaller. They are so perfectly engineered to chase performance figures, 0-60 times, lap records, and bragging rights that cars seem to have lost their appeal as almost living things that are more than a possession.

There is barely a handful of new cars I can point to that make me give a shit these days. Apollo has the Intensa Emozione, Porsche still makes a nice-sounding Carrera, and Ferrari's V12s are still fantastic. There is the Aston Martin Valkyrie, but that's a long way from the kind of thing I'll ever see or own. On an everyday level, is there a car in existence that is pure fun-over-practicality and not an accountant's invention? The Renault Alpine maybe or the GT86?

I honestly feel like I have almost lost any fucks to give about cars and cars are pretty much all I ever cared about. I don't know what I'm supposed to put in that gap.

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I don't know about cars a lot but my boyfriend does... he's more into minitruckin and hydraulics (never knew that was a thing really) and exotic cars. Watches Daily Driven Exotics on Youtube everyday. For some reason he loves vehicles the most that were made in the '90s.

Sorry Cars, don't think my comment really added anything to the conversation at all but I just woke up and haven't had coffee and I just wanted to be a part of something...

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I agree with you one a lot of things, but I'm gonna have to go against ya on this one. Yeah, I like the big engines and all that and there is a place for the nostalgia of that, but if you're gonna complain, because new tech is entering the industry then you're, honestly just wrong. You act like super/turbo charging is some new phenomenon that's destroying motorsports, but it's been around (what I'm assuming, no idea of your age) longer than you've been alive. Forced induction brings engines to their full potential, don't complain about that.

Sure, it's weird that these high-end luxury and sport brands are branching out into SUVs, but that's the state of the market. Very few people under 40 can even dream of owning a car that costs more than 20k, so who's left for these brands? Old people who can't comfortably get into a small sports car and people who have families and wouldn't think of doing something so impractical. It's irresponsible to own a fast, two-seater and most people aren't passionate about cars and driving to make an irresponsible decision like that. Don't blame the industry for trying to stay afloat by matching themselves with the prominent demographics.

And with the electric cars, it will echo my sentiments on super/turbocharging, electric vehicles have been around longer than you. They have the potential to be far more powerful and faster, as long as electric car tech keeps advancing its performance will outstrip any potential that internal combustion has.

I like cars and driving, not racing so much, but cars nonetheless. I have a Miata and tinker with her. I have plans on what mods I'm gonna do, the stuff I'm gonna do to make her faster and more beautiful, because I love my car, and I love cars in general. I drive my car often enough just for the sake of driving, because I love doing it. Focusing on one type of car and driving that you glorify above all others defeats your love of it, because your likes and hate of progress would kill the industry.

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I don't think we are disagreeing. I don't for a second argue that turbos and hybrids are not faster, more efficient, engineering wonders, and by every measurably metric "better." They absolutely are. I completely understand that an aspirated engine can never compete with a smaller, forced induction engine and the proof is in the pudding. I very much enjoy reading about the work people like Koenigsegg (free valve), Mazda (HCCI with spark), Toyota (dynamic force), etc, etc are doing because it is super interesting. Likewise, I understand the dynamics that make SUVs the only financial option for manufacturers.

My only argument is that "interesting" doesn't equal exciting. Intellectual curiosity, falling lap times, and technological advancement can only fuel your passion so much. Take the Mazda RX-7, for example. That car has absolutely no practical application except to put a great, big, stupid grin on your face. That sort of car doesn't exist anymore and it's a shame. When you go to a race or when you see a supercar on the road, you can't tell how fast the cars are going because your eyes can't detect plus or minus 3 seconds a lap. What you can detect is a screaming, fire-breathing, bone-shattering sound and that has gone from motorsport with a couple of exceptions.

I argue here that again the proof is in the pudding in that motorsport attendance is falling. Despite the fastest, most efficient, most complicated cars to ever exist, no one cares. I argue that the reason for this is that the trackside experience is dull now and you might as well read a textbook for the same enjoyment. I don't think that the only cars that should exist are V12s because, as you say, most people are not enthusiasts. I just wish more manufacturers would keep a place in the lineup for a model that is just fun, just passion, and just purity.

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I think there's a whole generation that couldn't really afford to get into cars after the 2008 recession. I think makers are also too enamored of tech and not thinking about the driver experience. I dunno. I hope they do make a comeback.

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I'm with you. Current generation of cars suck. This is why I love my 2001 manual v8.

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Just came across this while looking for info on the societal cost of fatties:

"Ireland is a fat country. There is no getting away from it: 60% of us are overweight or obese, and the World Health Organisation reckons that 87% of adults will be overweight by 2030 if current trends continue...there is a real cost to obesity, currently pegged at about a billion a year off the health budget, and we should look at levying additional income taxes or shaving cash off welfare payments for people presenting with weight related issues.Think that’s unfair? Well, being overweight is a choice for the vast majority of people.".


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Kills me to see formerly shitlord countries going the way of Hamerica. My Irish-American relatives reduced one of my cousins to tears once when he was a little butterball. But he learned and grew up to be more of a shitlord. Reclaim your greatness, Ireland.

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So I've really gotten into K beauty skin products and my face is feeling FINE. Even my friends started to compliment my skin tone. I recommend this stuff to all the shitladies! (and shitlords because everyone needs nice skin amiright?)

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Don't have the best rig, but the cool new games right now are just pathetically unoptimized. Thinking about WHF and PUBG. Unreal is a mathmatical masterpiece encompassing at least a century of man hours, and yet these developers can't make xbox era games work on modern hardware.

Guess 30 frames is a small price to pay for PUBG's otherworldly anticheat. And god knows region locking China would be so wrong,

Just know that when you play PUBG, a $60 game, you are playing an unoptimized cluster of store-bought assets so that Chinamen can destroy you with cheats in a pc cafe, and pc cafes know to keep buying and supporting PUBG and Shithole. You literally become the product in a comedically poorly glued-together excuse for an Unreal game.

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We should have hung out at PAX.

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On the odds that you're having problems with WHF, turn off vsync lol. Gave me over a hundred frames in some conditions, now I can actually enjoy the game.

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