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Notice that a lot of the injuries are really severe in situations where a normal human probably would've been in bad shape but not going to the ER.

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Fat and stupid is not a good combination, but it is fucking funny !

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Fuck all funny about that fat cunt sitting on the horse. Absolutely abhorrent behaviour.

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Its poor legs almost buckled. "My weight doesn't affect anyone else!" though.

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It's fucking disgusting. You know damn well that they forced the poor horse to take the fat cunt on-board after the video ended.

I read somewhere once, that donkeys in... somewhere? Were suffering spinal damage due to having to carry fat tourists. Fucking disgusting.

What's worse is they honestly don't think about the animal; neither tourist nor owner.

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straight up animal abuse... how about the fattie calling the pig .... R the pig calling the pig was great. So realistic

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LMAO. The ham falling through the trampoline.

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I will never get tired of fat people hurting themselves and humiliating themselves. If you ever want a free show all you have to do is watch a fatty.

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It's funny that the only part that wasn't a fail was the fat squealing like a pig. 3:09

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http://oi43.tinypic.com/6gcsjb.jpg Whoa, had volume way too high for first thud. Watched a cupl, but so good think will save rest for after a few drinks. Thanks!

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=ZNJHJHt1pcE :

Fat People Funny Fail Compilation - YouTube

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