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A fat not understanding how bodies work, big surprise.

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Feels like a troll to be honest.

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It's sad that we can't tell.

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Because nobody could possibly get depressed for any reason other than being a fat pile of crap.

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This, 100%. These people are so stupid, superficial, and fixated on their gross bodies (while claiming that thin people are the appearance-driven ones) that they think everyone else exists on the same brutish level, where their physical self is all that matters.

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I would think depression could be more common in thin people since being thin correlates with higher IQ, and higher IQ tends to correlate with having a variety of mental disorders including depression.

Probably because we're depressed at the other 60% of society.

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Also fats see a 'thin' person and often it's just a skinny fat. Skinny fats KNOW they're still fat, because you can feel the squishiness in their body. That's still reason enough to be depressed. Once you start feeling portions of your body that only have skin over muscle, that's a POWERFUL feeling and helps to combat depression.

Also fit people out there suffer from mental illnesses, trauma, being POOR, because life happens. Fuck these entitled, piece of shit fats.

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The subtext is so loud in that last sentence: "I desperately wish I was thin. Being thin would make my life perfect, but I don't have the discipline necessary to attain it."

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its not evem much discipline, im sitting here at wendys eating a burger.... oh wait must be hard for them not to do this 5 times a day... is that where the difficulty comes in?

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It is also admitting that being fat all but equals being depressed. It can't even conceive of the idea a thin person could be depressed because it knows being fat is so completely untenable.

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Legendary understanding of mental health, you fat ass.

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Things fatty thinks are under my control, but I actually have no control over: how much serotonin my brain produces

Things fatty thinks are not under my control but absolutely are: how much I weigh (which is directly related to how many calories I shove in my mouth and how much I exercise)

They really are stupid

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