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Another HAES success story!

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Imagine the final hours as it struggled to breath, a sensation of crushing in the chest. Pure agony like that is a just desserts for one of the worst gluttons ever.

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her mother's death was not weight-related and that she had recently lost 200 pounds. "At the end she was sick and her body was tired and her body just gave out," she shared

Cause of death was clearly setpoint overload. Ham's body burned out trying to hold on to its natural weight.

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Fox News is Faux News

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Give me examples of times they were innaccurate and never corrected themselves.

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Because CNN is 'real news'? Give me a break with the hypocrisy.

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What is it about you trumptard cucks and your 'what-aboutism'? Did he mention CNN at all anywhere? Maybe he thinks CNN is crap too.

No one can mention the FACT that Drumpf is an obese-fast-food junkie, because you cucks jump in with 'what about Shillary'. And you seriously try to defend FAUX "News" (I just threw up in my mouth a little) by claiming hypocrisy, now THAT's hypocrisy if I even saw it. The same FAUX News that claim 'no-go zones' in France, yet Le Petite Journal goes to the non-existent no-go-zones and makes fun of FAUX News, FAUX News gets called out on their bullshit, but they double down, later they have no choice but throw their 'expert in international terrorism' under the bus and apologize for the Error.

Also, where are all those secret prisons that Obama was building along with those football fields filled with coffins for the aftermath after the FEMA takeover? And more recently, another 'expert' claimed on FAUX that there where '3 million votes by illegals' yet when asked to produce proof, he ran away like a little bitch with its tail between its legs. And even here on Voat surrounded by trumptards who believe in that conspiracy, they can't come up with proof either, and are even willing to break the law to FABRICATE instances to support their views just to mess with the 'demofucks'.

You cucks and you aboutism just bullshit lies just make you looks more desperate everyday.

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Lmao, where did he mention CNN? They both suck.

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It wasn't weight related because she had "lost 200 pounds"? So she was still 400. Yeah, sure it wasn't weight related.

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Fleming sought out the help of the show when she reached 704 pounds at the age of 49

704 - 200 = 500 lbs.

But then again the article says she did regain, so knowing fatties, I'm guessing 879 lbs?

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Damn, I was going by the title of the thread. Yeah, being in the 500s totally means you're healthy enough not to die from obesity! /s

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I really doubt she lost any weight. Her kids were happy to lie for her.

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Her episode was hilarious. She was such a pitiful fat.

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That episode made me made. Sit literally squealed and yelled like a pig, then pulled the 'imma kill myself' card to get out of doing anything. Dr Now kicked her out of the program because she wouldn't get off her ass. And now she's dead, died in her bed just like her mom did in that same gross bed.

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This epidemic of death from "the body just giving-up mysteriously" needs to stop. The government needs to intervene and do something about this problem.

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Oh god this might be the biggest piece of shit on '600 life'. It had maggots in its fat folds, its enabler was rewarded with ice creams for sexual favors. It faked a suicide threat to Dr. Now and got called on its bullshit. Typical useless sack of fat shit. Good riddance. What is with people in these cases that they feel compelled to say RIP? For fucks sake, not for wastes of life like this. Did we say RIP to fucking... Kim Jong-il or Ted Bundy?


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Agreed. I'm an atheist and don't believe in "evil" as an explanation for people's shitty life choices... but all I could think in the episode about this bitch was that she was a fucking demon. Good riddance, indeed. The only sad thing about her death is that it didn't happen before it shat out its mewling lardspawn.

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Agnostic here and I am kind of agreeing. This level of completely insane behavior does make me think of an evil spirit. Can also be applied to that useless cunt Assanti.

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Ugh, this was the maggot one? That was horrible. She was delusional beyond belief.

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Come on guys, it was 50. That's dinosaur-old in fat years.

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