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Puts a new spin on "shit-eating grin." (sorry)

But seriously, they're their own worst enemy. There's a saying: "Never interfere with an enemy while he's busy destroying himself." We can just sit back and marvel at the obeasts' self-hatred.

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"Fit people think their shit don't think!" "Fit people can I buy your shit to eat?"

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Article says babies have pure gut bacteria because they don't stuff themselves with junk food and medicines. Hmmm... You mean eating healthy and natural foods would fix the gut bacteria problems? Noooo... Better eat baby poop. Wtf is wrong with people?

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The role microbes play in energy absorption is minimal.

These people are overeating by massive amounts and think a 1-2% change in absorption will save them.

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Big ol' bowl of nope flakes. Nope. Just nope. JFC! Wtf is the matter with our fat fucking planet?!

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Big ol' bowl of nope flakes

I'll have to copy that one. Let us hope this is a self-correcting problem and the "participants" quickly die of virulent shit-borne viral diseases.

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I'm gonna be rich yay! I'd gladly sell my kid's craps to fatties.

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People are fucked in the head.

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Not that much different from their normal diets. I've seen how these creatures eat.