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There's nothing wrong with being fat.

Being reincarnated as fat is a punishment.

Wouldn't it be a reward to be reincarnated as a fierce, powerful, plus sized womyn? How would it be a punishment unless being fat is undeniably, objectively, and completely terrible? Wouldn't a punishment by your own logic be a shitlord reincarnated as an even more hate-filled shitlord because it is oh so horrible to be a mean, bigoted, fat-phobe? Fats' self-loathing exposes itself at every opportunity.

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I'm Buddhist and I'm pretty sure this isn't how reincarnation works. Whatever happened to the concept of self-control? No one was born obese. No one was "destined" to weight over 400 pounds in their teens these days.

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Dude I'm a Buddhist too! Nice to see another Dharma shitlord! Do PM me.

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Self taught Buddhist or do you go to a temple? In the U.S? Genuinely interested.

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Raised by Vietnamese Buddhist family actually and I used to go to a temple often and yes I'm in the USA.

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this made me laugh so hard I had to put down my tea for fear of spilling a hot drink on myself. as usual with fats, everything they post just makes them sound dumber and dumber.

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That's a new one

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Now I know why fats hate normal sized humans... they are holding out for the next life.

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"Each life is a lesson and loving yourself is the way to learn the lesson." Really? That's the lesson? It not about being good to others or doing good deeds and all that? How many people you guys know who would make the purpose of life all about themselves? Fats are so egocentric.

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Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!! And Buddha got together with Jesus to give me my curly hair. I hated curly hair in my past life so that's why I have it in this life... They never cease to amaze me.

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I found the opposite to be true. As I've toned up (mainly because I'm looking down the barrel at 50 and I want to be around for my kids for a while yet), I've become less and less tolerant of fats in general. So my intolerance and hatred is concomitant with my improving physique.

If I, approaching a half century, can comfortably achieve 8 minute miles over 4-5 miles, complete distance walks (quite often in half the time the guidebooks recommend), as a non active worker (in that I fly a desk - I do nothing physical at all for work), there's really no excuse for anyone younger. I guess I give a little more leeway to those older (but then there's always Jack Lalanne).

Save for very rare circumstances there are no excuses for obesity and your obesity does affect other people.

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