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And yet if she had lost weight the cyst would have been obvious, meaning it could've been taken care of before it got to be 50 lbs. so the advice was still correct.

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If you have a 50lb cyst and no one could tell it wasn't just fat, then fat was the problem. If you jammed that thing in my gut, it would be very, very obvious something was wrong because I would have thin legs, thin arms, collarbones, and a giant, asymmetrical potbelly.

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Yknow.. I'm thinking this might be what's wrong with an associate of mine

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Be healthy weight and get ovarian cysts. Docs actually do something because the treatments would actually work.

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I know someone who had a cyst like that removed (somewhere around 20-30 lbs). Short woman, so I was thought, "well, maybe that's why she was fat"... next time I saw her, nope, still fat, couldn't even tell the difference. So no, it's not the cyst, you're just fat.

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I mean...http://obesity.ygoy.com/2009/12/11/obesity-and-ovarian-cysts/

But you all already knew that.

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How fucking big do you have to be to not notice a 50lb pus keg in your gut?

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I didn't notice the first time around but... Alabama. Of course it'd be Alabama.

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They can link "fat phobia" to anything, including a one in twenty million case of a huge tumor. BTW: A 50 pound tumor on me or one of you would stick out like putting a football on a cat.

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