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Translation of British-isms and Calorie guesstimate

A&E: Accident and Emergency, British equivalent to ER (Emergency Room)

20 stone: 280 lbs (127 kg), BMI of 39 at least

Graze Snack Packs: UK health food snack things marketed to 'diet conscious' shoppers, seeds, nuts, fruits and others, ~1.5 oz (42 g) and 80-200 kcal, usually around 140-170.

Crisps: potato chips (single serving snack bags usually around 150-250 kcal)

Assuming approximate 2 chocolate bars using Snickers (271 kcal) as example

Grand Total: Approximately 1542 (kilo)Calories assuming diet (teehee) soda

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Cheers, I would've done that but I'm still woozy from hitting the concrete at speed mid-grand mal. You do need to add another 3ish chocolate bars and 2x full sugar pop, though, it was about two days worth of cals for me.

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Grand mals hurt!! Luckily i was n bed when i had mine, but my back was n so much pain. Then u got the nausea, i hate throwing up. Ive been to so many docs lately. There have been tons of fat people, but i have yet to see one of them chowing down n the waiting room, which is honestly quite suprising. Good luck.

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nasty! almost double what I wrote!

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I was thinking OP was talking about the A&E network. Thanks for all of that, now it makes sense.

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It's infuriating because you know it's there for obesity-related problems and it's doctor will recommend weight loss only for fatty to insist it has tried eeeeverything! Apparently pausing the inflow of shit while you wait in the hospital that will shortly record your death isn't covered under everything.

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Exactly! I was astonished that there wasn't a single healthy option in the vending machines at the hospital!!!

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Ohhhh, that's fat shaming!

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Eating in hospital. Gross!

I had a hard time eating even in my own room for two days after a C-section. And I’m no getmaphobe.

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Hey fellow seizure buddy! Hope it's just a one off, and hope you feel better soon. A hot bath (with a sitter because you recently seized-either hold a conversation with someone with the door unlocked or have someone sit in the bathroom with you) helps a lot with the 'just got hit by a truck' feeling in your muscles. Epsom salts in the bath help too.

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Thanks, man, this really cheered me up! I'm forgoing the bath today, but I'm going with my mum to the gym to sit in the hydrotherapy pool tomorrow morning instead.

Do you get seizures often? I haven't ever had one before and I'm honestly really scared, I came round on the road surrounded by strangers who were all very concerned. If you have any advice, I'd love to have it.

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I have epilepsy, so I've had a lot. Luckily I'm well controlled on meds and haven't seized in 4 years. It's a very disorienting experience, but once you are having them often you wake up and realize it and are like 'god damn it, again?'.

Be sure to avoid triggers for a while, so get enough sleep, don't drink excessively, no drugs, and try to keep stress low. Also be aware of what's in medications. I learned the hard way that chlorephramine maleate (additive in cold medication) makes me seize. You'll probably be sore for a couple days. Be sure to have someone to talk with while bathing/showering as that's really your biggest threat, is seizing in the tub/shower and drowning. You'll likely be told to see a neurologist, and they'll decide if they should do an EEG or not (test where they glue electrodes to your head to monitor brain waves) or put you on medication. Usually the limit for an epilepsy diagnosis is 3, but apparently it's been changed to 2. I'm not sure as I was diagnosed 13 years ago so it's been a while.

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How did u feel before? What was the last thing u remember? I usually get a really bad headache before it happens. I know u didnt ask me, but i thought i would give a little bit of my insight. My latest seizure happened when i was extremely stressed. Are u under a lot of stress? Its scary waking up like that, especially around strangers. The first seizure i had, i woke up n the hospital surrounded by my family. Try not to stress too much. U really should just rest and relax right now.

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Get better soon, shitlord!

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Hope you are feeling better! Glad you're okay!

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Thank you so much! Still not fighting fit, but I've called off work and am drinking chai and recuperating on the sofa, under a duvet.

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Now listen Ms. Lardbuckets, It's very important that you do not eat too much for this upcoming procedure.

Is it okay if I have half of a banana?

Sure that's fine, but not more than that

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"Just a little snack teehee!"