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but pork is haram

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exactly why I busted out laughing

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We do accuse them of fucking animals a lot. I guess this confirms it.

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I guess it came down to a choice between this guy and a goat ... so he was probably just jealous that the goat was always first choice.

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Captain Spoilsport to ruin the fun, here: World News Daily is satire. Sorry kids. I really am no fun at parties.

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I really just cant believe ISIS did something gay like that...I mean they kill gay people. So confused.

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The receiver is gay. The person delivering is seen as straight still. It's only shameful if you have a dick placed into you.

Edit: Er... In their view, that is.

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It's pretty fucked, if you poke around you'll find examples where two dudes are fucking in Islamic countries, only the guy receiving is accused of being gay. So if you're the one giving it, then apparently you're not gay.

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He did not say that he did not enjoy it.

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aaahahahahahaaa good point - and BARF!

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I did not use my imagination on this one....

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When you behead all the women in the area and have to resort to hams.

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It is. People need to get better at recognizing satire sites. This comes from World News Daily which is pretty much The Onion.

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... and, loving it!

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