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Dear God! She must have just been diagnosed last week, at this rate she'll be 1000 pounds before the end of the month!

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Yeah, poor thing. :( And there's absolutely nothing that can be done about it. No changes to her current lifestyle, diet or exercise can change it. Nothing. Just dealt such a bad hand. I just hope welfare and disability programs are taking good care of her so she can live a fulfilling, meaningful life with her condition!

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It MUST starve, its the only way to lose 2 lbs in a week at 200 lbs. Starvation is detrimental to mental health so eating cheat meals staves off those pesky fatty thoughts, right?

Starvation to a fat means not feeling stuffed.

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It must have just started around 6 days ago

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Ffs I'm sick of them blaming 'autoimmune disorders'. I have several, I'm not a fat fucked up tub of lard. Autoimmune diseases tend to make you LOSE weight, not gain it.

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Yeah, I have severe ulcerative colitis. I can get malabsorption, and the raising of my metabolic rate from blood loss/anemia/inflammation.

Even when I've had to take prednisone, I didn't put on weight, because I can just exercise and not eat garbage all the time to offset any increase in hunger.

If I have to hear another lardass mention "muh medikashun" or "muh condishuns" one more time...

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Prednisone made me gain weight, but that's because I was a moron (15 years ago). I noticed I was gaining (got the moon face for sure) but just exercised more instead of fixing my diet. Oops... lesson learned.

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Lol I LOST weight on prednisone because I had so much energy!

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Shit, give this ham a Nobel prize! It just solved the worlds energy crisis!

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Weird, a friend of mine with an actual autoimmune disease struggles not to be dangerously underweight, is constantly told by her doctors that she needs to gain weight, how many of her problems are related to her low weight, she struggles to find clothes that fit her when she shops, and hates eating in public because she feels like she's being judged based on her size and what she's eating.

And unlike the hamplanet in that screen shot, all the above is actually true.

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I have an autoimmune disorder. I struggle not to be dangerously underweight -- a struggle which included the voluntary placement of a fucking PEG (feeding tube). My doctors know about my weight and know there's nothing I can do to get the pounds to stay on. Part of the cause of my severe underweight were some idiot ICU nurses, more than one of which was a fucking whale. I bewt if they'd thought I was a threat to their womanliness and hottitude they might've jacked up the feed to 5000kcal/day during that coma instead of letting me waste away at around 800/day.

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Oh!! So sorry to read this! Feeding tubes scare me so much. I'm so sorry you had to go through any of this. Throwing hamplanet, idiot nurses on top is the icing on Satan's cake. I really do hope your health improves. Sending you human-sized internet hugs.

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She needs the shitlord augmentation therapy.

then she's going to love

eating in public because she feels like she's being judged based on her size and what she's eating.

Shitlord ftw

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haha she shitlords gorgeously!

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That self consciousnes when eating in public might be a sign of anorexia. You might want to talk to them about it, make sure they arent purging or anything.

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The concern is appreciated. She's actually quite sick with, among other things, celiac's disease because of all these problems she's seen by doctors often.

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30lbs in a day that is incredible.

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10 days ago, it weighed 0.

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Negative mass. It just arrived in this dimension of ours 10 days ago

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How do they come up woth those numbers? I am genuinely curious. You can gain/lose 3-5lbs within a dsy due to water fluctuations. But how do they come up with 30lbs?! I once watched a documentary about a guy who got terrible reaction to sone medicines and i think he retained around 50+ lbs of fluids within a day and ended up dead i think. And the made a documentary of how UNUSUAL that was... And she casually gains 30lbs a day and no doctor is putting her in a hospital? Smh

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I was going to say that they pull the numbers out of their asses, but seeing that they can't actually reach their asses to do it... I don't really have an answer.

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broomstick granny gets the numbers for them

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I have heard of tension in the air you could cut with a knife, but I think I'll need a chainsaw to get through this much delusion.

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facebook, the great IQ equalizer... with this one you can almost feel the spit from her mouth on your face.

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