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That was painful to watch. The poor children - not only are they already mini chubsters, now they will have to live knowing their mum did this in a time and age where nothing is forgotten.

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Yo I got money in the stock market for whatever company invented those bolts that held that pole in

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27?!?!?! That thing is the same age as me? I thought it was at least 40 ffs

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This is unsettling to watch. Like watching a giant baby act like a stripper. Fats can NOT be sexy! Anything they do to emulate normal humans becomes comical simply becaue of the fact that they look like giant babies.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=ZSFVl-w6n7U :

Big Girl Lulu Trying To Work The Pole On America's Got Talent! - YouTube

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Watching these with the sound off is so funny. My aunt was a legit stripper, it is way too intense for fats.