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Oh my gawd so fucking weak. If I were the parents there would be ass whoopings, starvation and exercise. Too big to be dragged off a bed? Watch me.

The fuck is this shit? Do you allow toddlers to not brush their teeth until they fall out too??

Kids can rebel when they are 18 and kill themselves with heroin, but until then parents are in charge AND 200% responsible.

How did he get fat in the first place? Who cooks the food? Fuck these parents.


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But if he's a teen he has access to food at friends' houses, school etc. There's not much the parents can do at that stage.


[–] 7e62ce85 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Stop making excuses. They could home school. They could send him to a more hardcore fat camp that isn't staffed by pussies. Friend's parents aren't going to feed him everyday either.

And this issue started YEARS ago. The problem is retard parents that don't start raising their kids until they are already 15 years old. You raise your kids from day 1!.