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I’m reading the Reddit comments on the first post. Funny how they are all “Muh evil capitalist fat camp don’t actually help people, because then they won’t come back next year”. Kids are only kids for so long, there is no shortage of fat kid customers in our current environment and it is only going to get worse, and word of mouth about success is a million times better than what these anti-fat camp people are implying.

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I cannot understand how gay conversion camps and “bad kid” disciplinary camps that involve actual torture as a matter of course are allowed to operate, but these pathetic fat camps aren’t able to deny food to fatasses. Give the little shit some vitamins and water and let it live off the fat stores it’s so enamored of.

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Fat camps are probably run with actual medical personnel (if only nurses) and so would be constrained by medical ethics. Also, different states have different laws