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There is pretty clear evidence here that no parental respect has been taught ever. The kid runs the house and so he feels entitled to disagree and disobey. I can't count the number of things I did as a child "because I was told," and although I didn't like a lot, they made me a better person. You need to make a child understand who is in charge and who makes the decisions. No 14 year old should feel so bold as to go so fragrantly against their parents.

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This kind of authoritive attitude children have is a direct result of SJWs and feminists banning discipline in the household. Demonizing spankings is what ruined children today.

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Spankings are the least of the issue here. I was spanked, don't oppose it, and I can still tell there are WAY more effective things than something so temporary. These parents should have done something that actually affected it, when it was much younger than now.

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Haha! Thanks. I bet nothing about that kid is fragrant.

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Yeah caving to the bullying of children, that will work. Why exactly did they not let him stay and starve himself thin?

Who knows maybe the boredom would have had him join the activities before the end of it.

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I bet you the facility wanted him out more than the parents wanted him home. It hurts their authority to govern the other disrespectful children. Their lie of no food was already exposed by this baby behemoth.

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The thing is, the kid is just killing itself. The parents are probably too sad to be angry at this point. The kid (too big to be dragged off a bed!) will probably be dead before it's 30, maybe sooner.

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Oh my gawd so fucking weak. If I were the parents there would be ass whoopings, starvation and exercise. Too big to be dragged off a bed? Watch me.

The fuck is this shit? Do you allow toddlers to not brush their teeth until they fall out too??

Kids can rebel when they are 18 and kill themselves with heroin, but until then parents are in charge AND 200% responsible.

How did he get fat in the first place? Who cooks the food? Fuck these parents.

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Fatass would have been better served with a spelling book, that was actually painful to get through.

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Sausage fingers.

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We need to be more proactive about shaming people before it gets to this anyway. It was a single mom

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Wait, what? The whale mentions having both parents around several times.

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By 14, this kid is old enough to have a job at a donut shop, be cadging food from other kids at school etc. And you can tell how manipulative it is. Moms are to blame for fat kids up to about 8-10. After that, the kid takes a big share of responsibility, too.

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This is what is in this child's future: https://imgoat.com/uploads/2a0e188f50/135423.jpg

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I knew it was this clip before even clicking. I love this shitlord funeral director.

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Noteworthy that despite apparently needing to beg for food money that thing still had money for hair dye, nail polish and a god damn smartphone.

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I'm too big to drag off a bed even if they wanted to


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He showed them.

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That kid is going to lose its legs in 10yrs max and then whine on the internet and blame its parents for making it fat and I just hope that someone posts these shit excuses for a text under every reeeeing it makes.

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I’m reading the Reddit comments on the first post. Funny how they are all “Muh evil capitalist fat camp don’t actually help people, because then they won’t come back next year”. Kids are only kids for so long, there is no shortage of fat kid customers in our current environment and it is only going to get worse, and word of mouth about success is a million times better than what these anti-fat camp people are implying.

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I cannot understand how gay conversion camps and “bad kid” disciplinary camps that involve actual torture as a matter of course are allowed to operate, but these pathetic fat camps aren’t able to deny food to fatasses. Give the little shit some vitamins and water and let it live off the fat stores it’s so enamored of.

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Fat camps are probably run with actual medical personnel (if only nurses) and so would be constrained by medical ethics. Also, different states have different laws

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