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Stupid title

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But it feeds into the narrative that everyone is racist here, free speech n shieeeet

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I can understand that this is supposed to be low-censorship but I just don't hate black people and it's annoying and contrived.

I don't have 100 contribution points yet so I can't even downvoat the useless junky racism that fills up the comments so it's just irritating.

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Yeah like go somewhere else to be racist. One thing unites us and it's hating fat people.

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'Fatty down' would have been fine.

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Looks like something out of an old cartoon.

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the full video clearly shows lucy pulling the ball away at the last moment... no wait hes just fat

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LOL good one son.

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I would be mad about the title, but I can bet my life this guy doesn't like white people. So fuck him. Fat scumbag...