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WHY..... just put the dam fork down. The world is going to hell in a fatsuit.

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Does it come with a belt extender?

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I'd rather be shot.

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Imagine that fat getting a call from his booking service. "Hey, hey! Fred we've got an industrial for you." "Yeah!? Training video like the one I did for that warehouse?" "Uh...sort of. It's for a bariatric lifting device." "Bariatric?" "It's like one of those fridge movers, but for people. Rate's $200/8, whaddaya say?" "Okay...I guess."

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If you weigh the same as a heifer, you should only be given medical treatment by a farm vet.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=mrcAD4vZ3iI# :

IndeeLift Human Floor Lifts for Emergency Medical Services - YouTube

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Hey guys, I saw this thing on voat, you know who would like it? Voat. Check the fucking new submissions before you post.