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That second photo may fool a dimwit but with that round face and lack of any definition in the collarbones I can tell that eatbeast couldn't be under 250 pounds, likely more.

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Also, why do fat girls always use thin avatars? Is this really how they see themselves? Are they that delusional?

I see fat girls think they’re hot shit regularly. I guess they can think this because they can get laid routinely. There is unfortunately no shortage of normal weight dudes out there who fuck hams for some reason.

[–] performance 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago 

Because the last thing a fatty wants is to face reality. Anyone in her life that points out her severe eating disorder is quickly ignored or shunned. Delusion la la la la is all it's about.

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Also, why do fat girls always use thin avatars?

Generally because they either commission them or get a friend/fan to do them. And if they drew them realistically, they'd never use it as an avatar in the first place.

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Because they know they will be respected and liked less if they use a fat avatar. Even fat people don't like fat people, that's why fat people would rather see themselves and their avatars as not fat.

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If they are so happy with their bodies, why do they try to look thinner in photos? Just proves that HAES is bullshit.

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because they know its easier to try to change you than it is to try to change themselves (try is the key word)

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Ding ding ding!

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Fortunately the Myspace angle deception is now more widely recognized.

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This cunt ruined FreeBSD.

Burn. Her. At. The. Stake. And then render the leftover fat.

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Didn’t FreeBSD kick it out a year or two ago? I swear I remember them tweeting out about how they were cutting ties.

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Nope. She's why the Code of Conduct happened.

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The internet really reinforces their egos. I love pretending they don't exist. It's not a hostile action or something where I make an effort to let them know I'm ignoring them. To me, they're just not there.

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What she really looks like *5 years ago because she has probably gained 100lb since the last body shot that exists.

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An instant classic!

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Catfish eatbeast aint fooling anyone.

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