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It has electrolytes!

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It's what plants crave.

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Because fats have mastered the ultimate act of lying. Lying to themselves. Once you know that someone has achieved that, you know that there's nobody that they won't lie to. That's why you never trust a fat. Every last bit of their fucked up psychology is pathological in nature. The evidence is evident right down to what they eat.

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I can make a salad from a salad bar with more calories than you can imagine. What makes you think salads are low calorie and the fats were eating them for show? Speaking of show, why are you drinking Gatorade for a short bike ride?

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Maybe he just likes gatorade?

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A fat fuck I have the misfortune of working with proudly orders a salad for lunch and learns, then drowns it in a cup of ranch dressing that he slops all over his mouth. This is in addition to a side of potato salad and chocolate mousse, since the local chain we order from has generous options from their "salad bar". And he is deluded enough to think he's making healthy choices despite the fact that he hasn't gotten smaller after claiming to be "working on it" 10 months ago.

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The fat fucks that I work with are always on diets and when I have to eat lunch with them it’s hilarious when they order huge taco salads and eat every bite including the bowl, and then they brag how healthy they were so later in the afternoon they go on an ice cream run

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Sounds like my day. Breakfast: egg whites. Lunch: bike ride. Dinner: chicken salad.

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