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i dislike how condescending and angry this woman always sounds in her videos. calm down.

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Just because you sweat a lot from doing as little as making a video doesn't mean you exercise a lot. That's like saying you're rich because you spend a lot.

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I took piano classes as a kid. I occasionally clink on a piano at work. Am I a renowned concert pianist now?

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"Your humanity as an athlele"

what the fuck does that even mean?

And pole dancing is as much of a "sport" as hula hooping. Also pole dancing was created for men to watch women hang out their snatches in strip clubs. Don't glorify it as something "athletic". Don't let your children do it either, it's fucking degenerate.

Do a real fucking sport if you're so fucking athletic.

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You're constantly whining about non-issues because people like different things than you.

You should learn to be less of a twat.

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Prostitution started even eariler. It's now the job of go-go dancers in Western culture. I don't give a fuck what it was 1000 years ago.

It's just another thing feminists try to make "in" like "adult entertainer". Don't fucking glorify being an attention whore or a literal whore. It is what it is. Do a proper sport or dance with merit if you're so damn athletic.

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Save your energy. This dude is a wacky little Klan reject trolling people from his parents basement. He gets off on the attention.

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I’d say in order to call yourself an athlete you need to perform at an international level in a sport or just be crazy fit. Just saying you are something doesn’t make it true.

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I don't think it would require an international competition. High school has a lot of athletes and they don't compete like that.

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Depends on where you draw the line I guess. I’ve competed at a pretty high national level, but I wouldn’t consider myself an athlete. Maybe I’m just hard on myself.

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Wow, everything this thing has said is wrong. And a pole dancer is an athlete now? Well I’m an athlete for working in a warehouse then now right? And I’d love to see this thing even try to pole dance. Waddling around a pole with a stupid look on your face doesn’t count

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They now sell backyard poles for little girls to pole dance becuase women are so empowered. What's next, feminist strip tease athletics? ("but it's not sexual because I'm an athlete!") I don't understand how people can be so dumb.

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It doesn't have to be sexual. It's a very good gymnastic exercise focused on strength and flexibility. Most people associate it with strip clubs, but then again most people associate fph with incorrect things too.

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Yeah,I'm the world champion of weightlifting because I say it! So fierce #realwomynz

Her hairs are gross