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Without fail, the only warnings about diet soda I've heard have come from fatties.

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Realistic warning about diet soda: "It's got some stuff in there that make it a less ideal than water or green tea or such, so not your best choice if you're looking for the all around healthiest drink option."

What fats hear: "License for all the full sugar soda you want."

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Exactly. Diet soda being bad doesn't mean just drink regular soda. It means drink something else other than soda all together.

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The only proven effect of diet soda on health is that the sweet taste primes you for more sweet food by triggering a small insulin release. Body thinks glucose is coming. Fats will give in to this feeling and feed, while normies will not.

I should stress that this effect is absolutely no different than a random craving.

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I love diet soda. I hate hate HATE carbonated water. So I drink diet soda (caffeine free) to “fill me up” on days when I’m fasting. Seems the carbonation in soda tricks my stomach into thinking it ate something 😂. Much easier to get through a 18-23 hour fast.

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Or migraine sufferers, aspartame is a very common trigger.

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I was told the sparkling water I was drinking will give me heart burn by a really skinny coworker. But he was smoking while doing so....

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Lol. She didn't need "seconds" because she had 4 servings on the first pass. It's like having that one 62oz beer when you want to limit yourself to one.

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Normal people call it a "Growler" and it's not intended to be a single serving option.

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Typical, fatties are so damn selfish. It seems whenever they go out in public they have to make a scene about making healthy choices, although they buy a family sized bag of chips and two 2L pops on the way home.

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what is fat's obsession with cheese?

Caloric density. Their taste buds are so out of whack that they are basically just caloric meters. This is also why you see stupid shit like the donut-hamburger.

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you didn't mention the ones who pour about a quart of high-calorie ranch dressing on a salad

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You rang?

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Their healthy choices that make them so proud really make you wonder what they consider normal or a cheat meal. I can only imagine it resembles drinking oil from the bottle.

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I personally love it when fatties give me dieting protips. Unless it's cutting into work time or I'm otherwise busy, it's funny as fuck to spur them on and slip some bullshit in there that I hope they spread around to their other fat friends.

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Ugh I hate going out to eat with fats. It's like watching a hungry lizard eat scattered roaches

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