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We're sorry, but your fingers are too fat to dial. To order the special dialing wand, mash the keypad now.

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Correct, Food is matter

Matter is converted to energy

E=MC 2 bitch

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Fine, then you're consuming too much matter. It's MIMO. Too much energy-free matter is going in and not enough is coming out. You should exercise more and burn some of that matter.

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This made my head hurt. Humans named energy, sure. Because they realized what an important naturally-occurring thing it is.

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I just started dating a tiny guy. Neither of us fit outside kids sizes at Walmart. He's 6'0

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"Speshul" is one way to put it.

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some people were dropped as a baby, others thrown against a wall, this man was clearly given some brain enhancement juice

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Today I learned that humans invented fire and its magical properties.

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