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I think this is the most blatant and honest comic about this sudden flood of people who want to be trans. I think trans people always were and are an extremely small part of the human population.

But this sudden influx of genderless, LBTGCJSKRPOPF++++ bullshit has come from the ever-increasing amount of obese fats who fail to be sexually attractive. It's clearly an obvious excuse for people who have completely failed as a reproductive human.

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Exactly. Transtrenders set the clock back far more than Caitlyn Jenner famous-for-being-famous celebrity-attention-whoring ever could. It's like having NAMBLA at a gay pride parade in the 1970s when most states still outlawed sex between consenting adult males (in 1984, Whitham cites that some states and countries even have consenting-adult laws as a crucial victory for gay rights).

They're what anti-transition ideologues and gatekeepers cite for not having informed-consent clinics--which means MtFs have to wait for hormones, which means we get hons in Anglo countries instead of the pretty trans women Southeast Asian countries have--in the Philippines, even AGPs like Stefoknee Wolscht are on hormones at 14. They're the impetus for Kiwi Farms going full TERF/theocon on the Trans Question and citing Paul McHugh.

Actual trans men like Buck Angel--bluepilled as he is--don't want fat hanging off their chest. That would be a very strong cause of dysphoria. Body fat retains estrogen. Even the pic in this comic shows a male with low body fat percentage. Goes to show how delusional strongfats are about the effects of "I'll go to the gym and the reward myself with junk food."

You know how you can tell transtrenders are lying about being transgender? Because they don't have dysphoria. Even hons like Stefoknee Wolscht have dysphoria. Toothpaste Hair even said "I don't hate my body." Contrast "Milo" Stewart--who claims to be a trans male but acts exactly like a Girl who's had too much Tumblr--with the behavior of actual transgender peoplw like Leelah Alcorn. Stewart made the "Trans Boys In Dresses" video. Alcorn only wore male clothing because evil, abusive parents forced her to. Fat chicks with horrific taste

What really gets my goat is that while transgender normies have parents who make your life hell if they find out about crossdressing--or even the slightest hint of GNC behavior and mannerisms--while transtrender tucutes have tolerant parents. The tucutes on BuzzFeed's "Transgender Students" video have the luxury of complaining that their parents don't pander to their neopronouns, a luxury Leelah Alcorn and everyone sent to "troubled teen" fundie prison camps never had. I hate the fucking postmodernist bitch in that video going on about how it's "a knife through the heart" that the parents she lives off of don't use "they" pronouns. You know why I hate her? These dipshits don't know real family rejection. At least in Latin American countries like Brazil you can run away to a city and the state isn't interventionist enough to bring you back, unlike Anglo countries. I suspect it's not a coincidence that the same Latin American and Southeast Asian countries that have less gatekeeping and easier informal access to hormones than Anglo countries are the very same countries that didn't have the cops shut down gay clubs and bathhouses when Anglo countries did at the time Whitham was writing Homosexuality in Four Societies.

And no, slight gender nonconformity crossdressing and being a snowflake attention-seeker doesn't make you transgender if you aren't on hormones or otherwise have body modifications like breast implants. In the Brazilian travesti documentary Boys from Brazil, the crossdresser Gaspar grouped himself in a different category from the travestis he hung out with. Drag queen Marsha P. Johnson, who wore women's clothing in day-to-day life, denied being transgender. And Johnson was around decades before the 1993 article referring to drag queens as "transgendered"--not to mention later articles claiming female impersonator Peter Oiler was transgender (Brazilians would classify Oiler, RuPaul and the Tri-Ess Society as transformistas, NOT travestis).

Likewise, Ovid's PUA guide Ars Amatoria comments on the limits of heterosexual male grooming with the line "leave the rest to the cinaedi and the priestesses of Cybele." Even in the ancient Roman mindset, gays and bisexuals who depilate their bodies to look more feminine are not the same species as the Gallae who cut their balls off and used distilled mare's urine as an estrogen source. Ovid would have classified Roketsune as a cinaedus, not as transgender. Neither modern definitions from the DSM, nor the clinical experience of professionals like Moser, Vitale and Dhejne, nor old definitions classify Tumbrinas as "transgender." Only foo-foo postmodernists and confused journalists (the 1993 article wasn't exactly progressive) do.

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I've never seen a more informed comment on Transgenderism.

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Whatever. The whole transgender thing is freakazoid city and I want no part of it. Western Civilization needs to nip this crap in the bud.

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This is a long read, but a very necessary one. Thank you for putting my exact thoughts into words. This needs to be spread around

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Does that comic imply that being female and showing muscle is mutually exclusive? Does she "decide" to be trans because of that? I don't get this genderfluid stuff that's going on lately, I'm really confused.

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Lately it's been a lot of teens who can't deal with the gender roles they're smushed into and instead of just not fulfilling them they become genderspecial

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Teens used to just hold it together until it was time to leave for college or the military. And then do whatever there away from Mom & Dad's views.

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That's what bothers me the most about the ungendered/multigendered offshoot that's developed. Just because you don't want to wear dresses and be a Stepford housewife does not make you any less of a woman or any more of a man. You're just not a stereotypical feminine girl. I honestly think these people are actually way more sexist because of how they view genders and gender roles.

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I have no idea what she's trying to say with the muscle thing. I don't know how she deals with fit women.

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Fit women oder gender nonconforming women are just trans men in denial duh

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You're not alone.

If they're not crazy, and not obese, it's interesting to have in-person chats with some of these people. The motivations and histories are fascinating, even if I don't fully understand. (I guess I don't need to understand though, so long as they're happy.)

I'll talk to anybody, if they're human-sized and articulate. Raping them afterwards is just a cute bonus, if they're into that stuff too. (Frequently they are. Interesting cross-over!)

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This is kind of upsetting? I used to do a lot of ballet and pilates style workouts and people were always commenting I was too skinny. I started lifting not because I'm trans, but because I was worried about osteoporosis someday in my future. I now agree with the critics from my past: I look better with a few extra pounds. I'm still small but I also have some tits and quads and ass now. It's all good.

At no point in my journey did I think that wanting to have defined quads and better shoulders meant I was mannish. I just don't get these people? They're more rigid when it comes to gender roles than anyone else. It's weird.

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I agree 100%! To my mind, there’s a wide range of “normality” for both feminine and masculine behaviours and presentation. Just because a woman doesn’t like the colour pink, or likes working out to build muscle, does not mean she’s trans, or both in the wrong body....🙄

In a weird way, a lot of these bandwagon jumpers seem to have a whole lot in common with the most rigid thinking of the last few decades. They’re not nearly as open minded as they would like to believe.

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The transtrenders of Tumblr embrace the most backwards, 1950s sitcom stereotypes of what a "woman" is like - if you don't like wearing pink dresses or don't dream of being a stay at home mom to 5 children, you are clearly a trans man.

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Have a look at the fit women posted on /v/fitpeoplelove. They're gorgeous. Note the youthfulness of the older ones compared to the young fat women now everywhere.

It's troubling how many young men no longer know what a fit woman is, crying "tranny" when they see one. I believe they've seen too few to know it's what should be.

Disclosure: I've dropped a few posts there.

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It's sexism but woke™

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That's not how any of this works...

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Not everyone can have a figure like a Victoria secrets model, some women are blocker and more rectangular. We are here to fat shame not shape shame

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