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2 girls who were mean to me are now fat. They follow me on Instagram silently. Never comment or like anything. So obviously I post lots of full body selfies.

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Those shoulders are inspirational, hot damn.

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This girl I used to work with was such a bitch. She was rude to me all the time and for god knows what reason. She came into the store yesterday and GUESS WHO GOT FAT! I even over heard her say to another coworker “yeah I know, I need to start working out again but I’m just lazy...I don’t wanna work out!” I never felt so much satisfication

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Her story is like mine growing up, I've had a lot of bullies make fun of me for being a fat kid. However, now that I'm all hot and all I have not yet had the opportunity to show it off :(

I don't know if they've gotten fat either but I sure as shit hope so.

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Several girls who thought they were better than me back in high school have gotten real chunky.

The schadenfreud sustains me.

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mmmm hmmm! NOTHING tastes as good as schandenfreude feels ;)

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Is this the black Nicole Arbour?

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Ha! Pretty much.

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Championing niggers? You've sunk to a new depth of failure here.

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She’d kick your ass.

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Niggers > > > Fats

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Fuck off, pedo.