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This attitude is prevalent in state government as well. If one loser fucks something up everyone has to attend training and go through other bullshit because of it. They don't want to single anyone out, that would be discrimination, so everyone pays.

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I think the reason for this is to promote group justice.

Full metal jacket style

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They could also be using the 8D corrective action process. One of the last steps is recurrence prevention and usually is more of a look across AKA group training so everyone knows how the person fucked up and the right way to do it

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You know they won't raise their standard either. They will keep stuffing themselves in the evenings and failing their tests and all of you will have to keep doing supplementary training forever.

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They'll get the boot eventually. At least, in the army if you fail 2 consecutive pt tests we start the paperwork to get rid of you.

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They'll get the boot. But they get an honorable discharge and keep all their medical benefits and GI bill. It's like getting kicked out isn't even a punishment.

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Good to hear that's still the rule, thanks!

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Empty pillowcase + bars of soap. Go Private Pyle on their jelly doughnut asses.

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man i think they did a whole movie about that shit...

something something... you cant handle the truth

side note - a couple of years back there is a news headline here in australia -

ADFA Cadet dies from accidental discharge of weapon.

Im not military but worked on several bases and was licensed as armed. Point of order 1 - The fact it was in the papers at all meant that state police got involved which means it straight up was dodgy. Point of order 2 - There is no such thing as an accidental discharge it requires a bullet in the chamber, the weapon to be cocked, the safety to be off, something on the trigger, and enough pressure to pull on a service weapon, there is no fucking way on the planet that an ADFA recruit doesnt know 'Every gun is loaded' and therefore you do not ever point a gun at your head, then put your finger on the trigger. Its a military issue weapon and therefore unlikely to be hair triggered that much that it gets dropped, goes off, and just happens to be on a fatal angle. Point of order 3 - There had already been public leaks of bullying at ADFA.

So that recruit was either murdered or committed suicide with a weapon he had managed to smuggle away from training.

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Bring back the fitness program and mandatory PT. Get those piece of shit fat pigs into shape or kick them out.

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That's what I'm saying. When I came in over a decade ago, if you failed you and ONLY YOU got smoked 5 days a week. I'm talking hour long, non stop, rigorous PT that made you either vomit or go into cardiac arrest. Failure hurt. Failure was painful. Not anymore.

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If the fat SOBs die from doing PT then so be it. I salute you for that.

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Yeah, nowadays they just get on a waist only profile aaaand waiver baby their way to a disability check.

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It shouldn't be an off day thing. Why aren't you guys exercising together at least an hour a day during work hours? No wonder our military is so fat. No way your tech fatties are going to hit the gym after work just to pass PT on their off day. They haven't before have they?

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That's the military for you, if they were to fail their tech tests they wouldn't make you all study on your off days they would punish the failures directly.

When I was in the fatfucks had to PT instead of eat lunch plus whatever we did on platoon, company and battalion days.

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Yep, cant single them out. That's hazing and can land you in a shitload of trouble. Have to punish everyone.

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This should be a worse offense...to punish shitlords is sick. God I hope you guys humiliate the pus out of those future planets. Assholes!

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At least you guys have PT. my desired career is law enforcement and from what I've read, up to 80% of law enforcement personnel are overweight and there mostly doesn't seem to be maintained fitness standards.

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