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I cannot believe that ~23,000 people watched a video with a thumbnail of an obese person titled "7 UP CAKE I ATE THE WHOLE THING"

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It’s one of those things that manifests about an 85 IQ. It forces even someone with an average intellect to think metacognitively about it. It’s just so retarded.

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Fat people do have low IQs. You have to be stupid to let yourself get fat and being fat lowers your IQ even more.

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I bet at least half of the views were people with eating disorders using it as thinspo.

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Bingo. It's ironic they don't realise it, "plus size online influencers" are always like my body is not a before picture! i'm beautiful! watch me eat this cake and f the skinny bitches! while literally a significant proportion of their watchers are said skinny bitches watching their vids instead of binging themselves or something. It'd be sad if it wasn't so fucking hilarious

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and the other half are fat fetishists/feeders

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imagine being so fat you cant look down, jesus, is that a neck or a foreskin for her head

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the one time I support circumcision (I feel evil for this joke but its just a joke haha)

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Isn't it funny that their bodies get so distorted from fat that in a thumbnail pic they more resemble genitalia than their own gender indicates? I'll never unsee that one pic of the deathfat coming down the stairs and my brain preferred to see two uncircumcised peni rather than the legs of a disgusting megawhale. Edit: it was right about the time doubledickdude showed up on feddit.

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Christ. If you could name something wrong with a person's face, she has it.

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The noses, mouths and eyes don't swell in proportion to the fatty areas...resulting in those porcine appearances.

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I just saw the movie Tusk and this gave me flashbacks.

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She is, indeed, a walrus at heart. And weight.

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Her face looks completely concave.

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"I ATE THE WHOLE THING", as if there were any other possible outcome.

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Video summary: It spends 13 minutes heavy breathing and talking about food. Is proud of it's grocery shopping selection of apples, brioche, and soda saturated pound cake. Dips it's vegetables in mayo.

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Thank you, because i can't watch.

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It is so distasteful I think this wins the sole 2018 insurmountable trophy of inexplicable and algorithmic heaviness beauty wherein the lines of the beast become arrangements of knots, thickness, and a ponderousness slick with brand and brandishing.

Literally so absurdly non-human I'm forced to confess this image was stripped from a dream and posted likewise.

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I'm literally trying to understand this complex arrangement of super-fattery. The whole thing sings with a sordid swollen beastly poetry I could literally overdose on trying to explain.

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Holy cow, I was curious so watched it, ate a party platter of hummus ( has anyone on here had cheese hummus before?? any good ??doesnt sound good but idk never had it.) and crackers while waiting for the pizza then ate a full plate of food for dinner then the whole cake. Goddamn.

And fuck her with the knife and fork for the pizza , when in a restaurant , I get it for like a huge burger and you have to be a lady but at home with some pizza ... whatever bitch...

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Cheese hummus sounds as disgusting as the chocolate hummus a fatty brought to a baby shower.

Someone labled hummus a new healthy food, so now they are adding all kinds of BS too it.

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ewwwwwwwwwww chocolate hummus???? wha..why.. Oh my god that would have made my day seeing that just so I could talk shit . add on* One time at a party someone brought this cream cheese cocktail sauce shrimp dish ugh it looked gross "but its low carb" looked like someone had ragged all over it.

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