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And fiber doesn't work for me. I have a special bowel irregularity that requires me to gorge on chicken nuggets dipped in mayo.

[–] TheTrigger 1 points 23 points (+24|-1) ago 

*ding-ding-ding*. Fibre... most people don't even get anywhere near the amount they should. If you can't poop, you need water and fibre. Not a whole medium-sized pan pizza with a side of fries and a 2L coke.

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Medium sized? It's needs to be an extra large or they will be in starvashun mode.

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When you have to create excess pressure just so your body does what a normal body can do, you know you f'ed up.

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It probably doesn't get a whole of fiber

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HAES you fucken shitlords!!

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It's probably allergic to all vegetables. Unless maybe they're deep fried and drowned in ranch.

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This person is full of shit, no pun intended. People that live with severe and persistent constipation tend to eat less because why add additional bulk to a painful problem.

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They also don't just go around posting that shit as well, the lack of shame in this is astonishing.

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I know when I am backed up eating is a chore. I usually take some psyllium to actually SORT OUT the problem as well.

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Psyllium husk is a must-have, in anyone's cupboard. I can't even count how many times it's saved my ass (heh), when I get lazy and forget to eat my veggies. If you make your own pizza dough and/or bread, you can mix it in with the flour, too, so that you don't inadvertently plug yourself up.

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Not to mention there are options and treatments to help with such conditions aside from unabashed gluttony.

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Like putting a little fiber in one's diet?

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Yeah, when my GI issues flare up, I lose weight because the idea of eating is so unpleasant.

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Like Agustus Gloop. Building up pressure in the chocolate tube.

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LMAO that is disgusting.

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Seriously. I guess thin privilege is having a sphincter that works properly.

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It can still get aroused? Who'd want to make love to that?

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This thing is going to perforate its bowels and die.

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Seen it a hundred times.

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Story time? Come on, story time!!!

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im pooping right now

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Fuck outta here with that thin privilege

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And I'm shitting myself laughing. Your comment made my day.

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This is the lamest excuse I have ever heard. Has this fat cunt not heard of laxatives? Or perhaps eat a fucking vegetable every now and then.

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