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Imagine being such a sad unimaginative fuck that you have to pollute the internet--the poor internet that was once supposed to become a repository of useful and interesting shared information--with photos of yourself stuffing crap in your pie-hole and displaying your cellulite bulges like a retarded toddler displaying its genitals to passers-by.

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What a wonderful description of the internet in 2018

[–] shadow332 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago  (edited ago)

Same goes for the thousands upon thousands of vacuous whores posting themselves in contorted poses and photoshopping their thirsty desperate faces, dumbfucks posting what they eat (might as well post what you crapped out too), pedos signalling to other pedos that they are in need of new kids at their local donut shop or pizza place... all of this utter degeneracy would be unknown to you and me if there wasn't the internet. All of these fucking losers have a voice now because any asshole can post their garbage endlessly. This fat fuck would just be crying in her basement, now she gets "approval" from other fucking losers.

I'm glad though we can post and to look at these people; it actually makes me feel better about my choices and my life, so there's that.

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WTF!! Why has no one called CPS? Couch Protection Services

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Their highlight is slightly bouncing on a couch? What a sad existence.

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And imagine how out of breath she was afterward

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What an utter twat.

"I decided to have some fun by jumping on the couch. Here's a video of me doing it" I don't even know where to start.

For fucks sake

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That some pretty dense visceral fat - she's not going to be around for much longer.

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You should see her "boyfriend". He's bigger than Boogie.

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Her bio says "ethically non monogamous" ... so praying for someone, anyone to fuck you? how desperate.

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Yeah, that's about right. I've never met anyone fuckable, let alone hot, who announces this polyamory shit. I have nothing against sluttin it up! But the only people that announce it on social media are people you would never want to fuck.

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A toddler can bounce better than that. I don't even think their feet are leaving the sofa.

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How to be a twat.

Don't people realise that employers check out social media? I wouldn't employ this fat imbecilic fuck.

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