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WTF does your race have to do w anything? Oh that's right nothing, just gotta play that race card even when inappropriate.

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I've found that racists are the ones who bring up race, regardless of their race.

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by "plus size person"... do you you really mean "fat fuck"

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I like “person of size”.

What about medium size? Or small? Nope, just giants are welcome.

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Fats would rather complain, and blame clothing companies, rather than do something constructive (like buy a used sewing machine for less than the cost of a month of Starbucks, watch some Youtube sewing tutorials and make some simple tarps for themselves). Then whining about being black...uh, plenty of southern Europeans are darker than this chick. If it truly does perceive negativity from other people, it's probably because it's a pain in the ass to be around.

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You don’t know anything, shitlord! Not fitting into any clothes because you’ve eaten yourself to the size of a blimp is the ultimate oppression! /s

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a coffin is one size fits all

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FYI - my comment goes for all subverses not to mention any rules that may also be in place in this subverse, thank you