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Funny thing how fats can go around claiming and glamorizing anorexia and bulimia and swearing they have/have had it and how horrible it is for them - and that's okay.

But if you take a human sized person, who complains that due to being bloated or whatever given transient issue they may be having, that they feel fat and those hamplanets reeeeee about fatphobia.

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Or "diet talk" like "I really shouldnt have that cake I already ate too much today"

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The only time CICO works according to fats is with anorexics...the majority of the western world can manufacture energy from nothing, hence them getting fatter despite only eating 500 calories.

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When you think about it then the claim that they eat "only 500kcal a day" is not only ludicrous it's also incredibly disrespectful. Anyone who ever wen't more than 48h without food or knew someone with AN at the height of their illness knows how miserable it is to starve all the time. Anorexia is constant suffering. Fats don't eat dessert one day and think they can claim all that pain and use it as an excuse to never skip any meal ever again.

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Good observation. They must determine that "forcing" themselves to miss a dessert is a license to make light of a serious medical and psychological problem. Great Scott fats are worthless.

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So all fat people are technically suffering from anorexia. That means by their logic we shouldn't encourage them because we shouldn't glamourise eating disorders. We are only supposed to glamourise gluttony. So we are back at square one where obese "anorexics" should not be encouraged.

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He's in starvation mode, shitlord.

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Reminds me of a post i saw on instagram that did not make since. https://voat.co/v/fatpeoplehate/2644901 I get not all anorexics r super thin to begin with, but u cant tell me u engage in restrictive eating and be overweight for very long. I was 200 pounds and basiclly stopped eating. I got down to 117 n like 3 or 4 months..

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"I went from 300 lbs to 290. I think I'm anorexic."

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Better slow down. Don't want cardio atrophy.

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What a rimshot.

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I get that the link is to your site and all; but thin privilege isn't real. Im referring to where you wrote this:

and that is true – and the idea of thin privilege is therefore true.

in regards to thin people living 9 years longer. However, that's not really a privilege. Fat people can lose weight and live longer, they just choose not too. Many of them have built their identity around being disgusting fat pigs and refuse to eat less in order to enjoy the benefits that being thin brings. But to call it a privilege is a bit much, IMO.

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Exactly. It isn't thin privilege, it's fat consequence.

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Bad news: fats always had access to 'thin privilege' but waived their thin privilege rights when they got fat.

Good news: that privilege can be restored