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NO! Birb is my soft spot! I massive a massive weakness for birb. I know seagulls aren't the most popular, but fuck this guy. Shoo it away or come to acceptance that you will survive without that chip. Even at best, killing one seagull won't exactly outright solve a vermin problem.

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Same here. I absolutely love birds. Hey, if you ever end up in the Pacific Northwest of the States and you're interested, I volunteer to take you bird watching! Very few fats in my experience- it involves lots of walking, being quiet, and patience.

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Haha! That reminds me of when I was last in America and my friend took me to a bridge in Austin famous for huge flocks of bats appearing around sunset. We waited there for 2-3 hours with hundreds of others and we didn't see a single bat. Figures they would no-show for my one trip over there.

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I love birbs so much too! More than any other animals. This fat piece of shit deserve to be tortured to death.

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I love birds too. Fuck this guy, I for one can't believe he actually caught the seagull. Poor thing.

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I won't watch it b/c I will want to "beat fat to..."

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Maybe they’re used to some of the worse sorts of pigeons, or their local seagulls are less awful than herring gulls.

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I hope some ravens saw this and go after this douchebag.

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I live in a beach community and I fucking love seagulls. They terrorize the dumbass ham tourists who are so concerned about their sugahs that they bring open bags of chips and snacks to the beach - despite signs warning about the birds. I love watching the half naked lard goblins get divebombed by birds. I can't imagine being so in love with food I'd end somethings life over it, even if I didn't like seagulls.

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I'm surprised he didn't eat the seagull.

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https://archive.fo/UnjDp :

Pensioner 'KILLS seagull’ at Weston-super-Mare because it stole chip | Daily Mail Online

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