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"Behold the wild dependapotamus in its natural environment. The dependa is with its temporary mate here as it is a fickle creature. When the mate leaves on its long trips to provide food for the dependa it will invariably attract a new set of mates to help it perform its grooming and feed habits." /britishaccent

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I can't even 🤣

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This is gold, well done dude!

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My whole career, this blew my fucking mind. Time after time I would try to counsel these young troops to make rational decisions that improve themselves. and without fail they would marry these payday angels, barracks rats, strippers and all manner of degenerate piggies just to get out of the barracks and get BAH, or get laid or both. The shit I have seen these dirty fucking joes do while both a young single soldier in the barracks and a NCO doing staff duty at battalion level, catching these nasty little fucks gangbanging some stinky fat girl while they film it...Fats are fucking disgusting and like 60% of young lower enlisted soldiers are pigfuckers. yuck.

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My friend's stepson got roped in by a dependa's daughter who had dreams of becoming a dependa herself. She met him before he enlisted, convinced him to enlist and then married him 2 days before basic so he could get the extra money. After he finished basic and his occupation training he found out that she spent all his money on restaurants and clubs and wasn't making rent.

Of course he's a dumbass and stuck with her and now has a kid with her.

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That's the way she goes....

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My friend's stepson got roped in by a dependa's daughter who had dreams of becoming a dependa herself.

Why the hell would anyone want to dream of being a fat parasite who can't have fun outside of food?

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The incentive structure is all screwed - I understand enlisted folks get married at least partly for the off-base accomodation. And too many of them are damn fool kids.

If only the chain of command recognized the severe mental-harm the divorces cost, and worked out an approach were squaddies could be in love, but would be disincentivized to get married.

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No I totally agree. I cant tell you how many soldiers I've see fuck up, then blame them popping hot on a piss test on jody fucking the girl they married right before deployment who has full POA, despite my counselling against such utter nonsense. you can bring a motherfucker to water, but cant make him drink..

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Your post is fascinating to me... I never had a chance to serve but always wanted to. Is a payday angel like, a woman who is unusually sweet and giving for some reason at the time soldiers get their paychecks? And barracks rats? Are random skanks allowed to just hang out there?

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Yes and sort of. The payday angel you got spot on. Barracks rats are girls you can go into to the staff duty log and see them being either signed in by multiple different dudes at different times or they have been caught being snuck in several times, mostly the latter as catching rats is what CQ does lol. The lower enlisted man is a filthy, based creature and will fuck anything with an ax wound and a pulse and afterwords will let of a mortar simulator and jump of the 2nd floor lanai bare assed naked and lead the MPs on a foot chase untill they are caught and beaten into submission.

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I always figured it had something to do with the possibility of being deployed and dying over seas. These hogs are something quick and easy to get their dick wet.

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Oh man I'm not a guy, but if I were think I'd rather cut my dick off.

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She weighed 110 lbs a few months ago when they got married before his deployment.

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They either get fat or become whores either way they just want 7 years to get half the pension

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The way it's holding that milkshake is disturbing. Furtively, like a wild animal.

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It's like it's trying to act cute. Or the restriction of the straw is preventing the beverage from injecting into her gullet at the mach speeds that she desires.

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It's holding the shake like a toddler would, since they have the motor control at the same level.

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There should be a way to keep dependas out of base. If fats are a fire hazard and a threat to others in public space during an emergency escape, shouldn't the same be applied to military bases? Dependas hamper the military's defensive readiness plans and they're holding soldiers back.

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This is actually a pretty logical train of thought.

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Maybe it is his sister.

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I thought so to because they were with who i presumed were parents (not pictured) but before they say down they kissed.

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They could be some unimportant, less known breed of Lanisters...

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Oh no. I was hoping for sister. ☹️

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Is this Alabama or Mississippi? Could be a first cousin.

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Oh oh not your fault, but way to crush my spirit. Was it just a peck? Some families are weird that way. Come on, Mike, give me some hope for humanity.

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I'm putting my money in this hat. Make me rich baby.

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I wonder if he is a feeder.

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Ugh... i shudder to think about it. If she's already THAT big, I can't fathom what it'll be in a couple years.

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Yeah, that’s horrible.

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She will suck him dry, just like that milkshake. Once the guy is milked dry, she will move to next pray.

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Such is the life cycle of the dependa

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