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Am of the opinion it's a mental illness. Disordered hunger hormones that sort of thing. Still, it takes real effort for most to get them that disordered, and a huge lack of personal responsibility to continue down said path and do nothing to fix a clearly obvious problem, Should be able to lock them up and treat them like anorexics.

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Eating shit fucks up your metabolism which makes you hungry all the time for more shit, which fucks up your metabolism more. It's a vicious cycle. Just need to lock faties in a cage for a week to show them that "starvashiun mode" is very real - it's called suggarz withdrawl, but it passes soon enough.

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Yeah, agreed. It's still personal choice for most that gets them there though. The hormonal drive for calories is, no doubt, diffcult to resist, but the figures in the US and the UK suggest that really it's quite doable.

And yeah, a week without sugar should flatten the carb rollercoaster enough to make fairly quick progress.

Until the next birthday cake comes along that is.

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You mean like this? That desperate need to jam it in as fast as possible?

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haha! Yes. Wish I could have taken a pic but the horror of it only struck me afterwards. I probably could have gotten away with a pic too, the fat was completely absorbed by its trough.

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Food cocaine is a hell of a drug!

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I've been amazed at the amount of food they can force down their throats in such a short amount of time. Their stomachs must be like trash compactors.

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I was at a film festival screening last night in a high school auditorium. Leading up to the show, during the entertainment portion, fat in front of me pulls out a gigantic burrito. On vacation. So many fats...

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Fat privilege is being that metaphorical "train wreck."