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Honestly fuck that. Before treatment for anorexia, I was pretty much just bones. It was painful and terrible. Throughout my treatment, I strived to be a size six. That is in the HEALTHY range for a woman and not fucking morbidly obese. Today I can say that I am a muscular size 4-6 and love it! Recovery is definitely possible, but posts like these don’t make it any easier. If FAs really cared about anorexia recovery, they wouldn’t say shit like this.

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FAs don't care about anorexia recovery. They care about having it in their repertoir of excuses. It is, in fact, the heavy artillery of excuses bc no one except the endangered species shit-folk will call them out on their improper citation of it. They count on the perception that someone claiming a mental illness at the root of their obesity--no matter how counterintuitive it may seem--could not possibly simply be prevaricating to hide good old-fashioned gluttony. In a word, fats are simply despicable bc of shit like this.

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That level of sustained gluttony is incompatible with anorexia.

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So proud of your recovery, I have to admit I'm still very stuck in my own eating disorder and it's things like fat acceptance that make it so hard for me to even want recovery because APPARENTLY recovering from an eating disorder, to a large percentage of FA's, means becoming obese.

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congrats on recovery. I’m not there yet i still struggle with bulimia. fat acceptance makes it suck to recover from an eating disorder. fats are so stupid you can’t be obese and anorexic. that kind if shit pisses me off.

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I hate when I see those "formerly anorexic but now 300lbs and happy" posts on my instagram explore. Anorexic people already have a fear of becoming obese, posts like that are doing actual harm.

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The idea that I was going to get held me back for so long. Recovery doesn’t mean swinging to the other side of the pendulum.

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Congrats ! I've been through it all (bulimia, anorexia, the lots) and realised last year it was all out of trying to avoid exercise, I'm now striving to recover from anorexia though (slow as fuck but still) muscle building. It's inspiring knowing others have made it through this way !

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It was hard. I won’t sugar coat it. What makes it worth it though is how I feel everyday. For the first time in years, I feel truly alive. My advice to you would be to get into lifting. It’s fun and builds muscle! I believe in you! Message me if you need anything!

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I wonder what she thinks of women who wear size 00

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Do you think they will ever find out that they're the reason those sizes even exist?

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I wear that size and every time I see a size 26 in store I die inside

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This is me. Oh shit I forgot I don't exist again...

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They don't exist! They don't exist! REEEEEEE!!!

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How nonexistent am I if I dont even wear size 00?

I have one pair of true size 00's lol.

No other pair that I've tried on lately fits properly.

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I hate way fats use "average" as an excuse..."the average Australian woman is size 16". Which is likely bullshit but if mathematically true it is more because of all the size 30's than for lack of size<6

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They don't understand that average =/= normal.

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Oh I think they do...I think they are right on that border of conscious and unconscious thought. The laziest people's first go to is always deflection of attention or responsibility

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It's true. An Australian 16 is a US 12. 16 is generally the last straight size/first plus size in clothing stores as well.

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A size six in Australia is like a US 0-2 iirc and a fourteen is like a 10-12. It's still a butterbeast but at least it's not talking about American sizing.

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If what I'm looking at in those pictures is a 6 that's definitely not anorexic.

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It's so dependent on height though. Like short, small framed 6 can be chubby. A very tall 6 who wears their clothing loose can be very thin.

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Just because 26-28 is average doesn't mean that it is normal or healthy.

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Hogs like this are why I at age 28, have to wear girls size 14 pants with an adjustable waist cinched up like 6 notches. Girls pants usually don't have room for hips since they're usually pre pubescent. Women's pants have a huge gap at the lower back now because everyone seems to be built like a propane tank.

Being a pear shape makes it hard enough to find clothes, being a skinny pear shaped person is freaking hell.

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Find a shitlady tailor! If you have a little extra money and are able to make the trip on a semi regular basis, buy off-the-rack pants that mostly kinda fit, go to a good laundromat, and ask to see their tailor. Your best shot is tiny old Chinese or Korean ladies in my experience. My current tailor is about a million years old but gives me a small discount for being human sized because it’s easier to adjust clothing for me than a fatass :)

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I used to have one in IL but I moved to bumfuck Alaska and we don't have a drycleaner. We have a seamstress but she's expensive, an obeast and takes forever to finish stuff (I had her sew the ruff onto my parka, even though I asked for snaps or a zipper so it could be removed, she just sewed it on...dammit)

I miss the shitlord Korean dude from IL and his mom. If you're on here Greg the dry cleaner, I miss you guys!

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Damn, the black dress is so cute I want it. I'm so glad I can wear anything I want too :)

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Fat plaque gumming up their neurons. I don't think anorexic means what they think it means.

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Anorexic for them, mean normal people, with normal weight. I'd like to know, what they tkink about ripped fellows.

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They think they deserve sex with them.

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