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WTF? Do people actually buy these pictures?

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Ew, don't scroll down if you plan on eating today or are at work.

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Their secret weapon seems to be fats under the age of 21 or so, because those haven’t yet necessarily fallen victim to Lord Beetus, and they still have skin that doesn’t look like week-old corpse skin. It can fool a lot of folks who are distracted by big eyes with lots of mascara and big breasts and other superficial things. When you look past that she’s just another lazy fatass who can’t even fit into a plane seat anymore or do a single push-up with knees on the floor.

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http://i.imgur.com/OoIhF9a.jpg she already looks like a bloated corpse without the Photoshop

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Dang I forgot they can edit that out too. Fat “models” photos need surgeon general’s warnings on them.

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To OP’s point, do you think anybody at all would want to be fat if they didn’t airbrush the fuck out of professional photos of them?

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Something about a cow in a cow costume made me laugh and I had to share.

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Cosplay is much like spandex. Its a privilege. Those that cant pull it off need to fuck off.

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Moomookun :D how fitting

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If I’m recalling my hentai correctly, that cow girl thing is a bit of a trope in the Japanese animated porn world...