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I went hiking with a 300 pounder once. After about 15 mins she had an "allergy attack" and had go sit in the car.

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As long as they start at the top they can probably roll down a good distance.

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Woke my poor hub LOLed so loud - thanks 🤣

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They don't even need a bike for that

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I'm sure this will be a truly epic hike. I wonder if they realise what will happen or if they are planning for reality. They won't actually hike more than 50m at best so the next post will either be full of excuses explaining why they called it a day at 50m or the hike is only planned to be driving to a tree somewhere for selfies.

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That's the neighborhood crime watch.

If you commit a crime then you have to marry one of these behemoths.

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Oh come on, can't I just get the death penalty?

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next town over boy.

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Unless they're hiking through a food court, I bet they lose motivation by the end of the first hour.

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Half hour

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Quarter hour

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I meant hike not bike. Damn autocorrect.

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Oh, when I read they were gonna get on a bike in a few weeks. I assumed it was going to take a few weeks for the engineers to produce bikes reinforced enough not to instantly collapse under their girth.

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Damn those bikes are going to be engineered so well you'll have to hire the Israeli Army to come in and Destroy them

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Body liberation movement LOL.

Body - as in large body of water Movement - as if.

Probably won't get too far. I'm reminded of the Simpsons episode with Camp Flab-Away, where the participants are reminded that there is no escape, since the only exit is up a gentle slope.

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It's hashtag #losehatenotweight just filled me with rage

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