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Am I crazy? Or this abomination get fatter.

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Somehow it did just that.

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The last that i saw "her" was 3-4 years ago. ITS MASSIVE. I THOUGHT IT COULD NOT GET ANY FATTER... but it did. It fucking did.

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Simply Subhuman

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If you look under the comments of the video, it's just a bunch of people saying how beautiful/great they look. But if you go to eugina cooneys video, you see a bunch of comments about how gross she looks & that she's killing herself. I don't understand how people can look at someone this fat & act like there's nothing wrong with it.

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You have to dig deeper to understand the dynamic.

SimplySyrup has been a dumpster fire from day 1. People have been subscribing just to be the first ones to report that she's died of a heart attack. This drove up her subscriber count - she's now at about 80K - which automatically makes her more visible and draws attention from other cooking channels. Notice how most of the top level comments are from other cooking channels? They are virtue signalling by announcing how great her recipes are, how her critics are "haters", etc. They know most YouTubers are fat fucks, that's who their virtue signalling is for. "Sara, you're beautiful and don't let the haters say anything else!" => "Please subscribe to my channel!"

SimplySyrup gets instantly notified of any top level comment on her videos. When the comment is a negative one, she smashes that delete button with her sausage fingers and you never see it, because she's sitting in front of her laptop 12+ hours a day (because she's too fat to do anything else). It's perfect censorship - of the top level comments. The replies have some shitlording.

Very little censorship is coming from anyone other than Sara. All the virtue signalling ("report the bullies!") is just talk. Many of the cooking channels are staffed by thin/healthy people who are as disgusted as we are. But they want a piece of that dumpster fire traffic, so you'd better believe they're going to keep signalling.

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Ah right, so it's kind of like why people watch amberlynn Reid's videos then.

Do false compliments really get people to sub to their channel tho? Seems like a weird tactic. Since its directed at Sara and not the viewers.

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I have actually noticed the unusual types and amount of similar comments of its videos. The view count is also very suspicious. I havent investigated it farther but I bet my ass those comments are bought.

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I'd believe that lol.

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it's just a bunch of people saying how beautiful/great they look.

By encouraging self destructive behavior, those people cause more harm than all the verbal beat downs of FPH.

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Yeah I honestly can't tell who's worse. The fats or the enablers.

Who knows, if more people shut their shit down maybe we'd have less of an obesity problem.

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I know, I just think it's disturbing to see people finding beauty in something so obviously sick & having no issues with it at all.

Watching saras videos disturb me. Specially all the jump cuts. Do they need to gasp for breath after every word now. How can anyone let themselves go that badly. How could they not stop when their clothes started getting a bit tight.

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I doubt this thing has a full year of "life" left in it

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Didn't she nearly die recently? But somehow she got better.

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How does this thing even breathe? Its face is being swallowed by the rest of it, like it were a turtle.

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Really loudly and every other word. Talking in full sentences are wayyy too much for that butterblob anymore.

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With a CPAP.

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Can't wipe its ass and can't fit in the shower. I'd say stay away from all public pools within a 20 mile radius of its cave/nest/trailer/whatever.

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Holy shit, never thought of that. I've never been a strong swimmer but started incorporating swim training in plans to do a triathlon next year. UGH! I hate fats even more now.

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Yeah, no public pools or hot tubs for me. And it's not just the leftover shit that scares me. Lots of other grossness happening too. I'll take my chances in rivers/lakes/oceans.

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Most public pools are blitzed with chem's, unless you drink it your pretty safe except for the viewing pleasures of fatarses....

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That... that is a head stuck on a lump of fat. But there is fat growing out of... well, whatever is left of its neck. This is Slaton territory.

How can you let yourself get to this point? No way is it comfortable living like that. I'd say she sleeps sitting on a chair nowadays. If she lay down she'd choke to death.

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Pina Colada Mocktail

Diabeeta Ham Mockplanet.

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