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Lol. That has to be a shit post.

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It wants to wear a motorcycle jacket on its scooty-puff.

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4xl for a little "moving around" room in its scooter. ...wow.

I have a soft spot in my heart for motorcycle jackets, they should never even be marketed to deathfats.

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Innocent mistake. It could happen to anyone. Who hasn't had a day when they woke-up 4 times the size they went to bed?

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I buy a lot of my clothes from Amazon because of the shipping and I have to ignore reviews and ratings, especially on items from Asian manufacturers because it's constantly "80% say this runs small" and reviews like, is this for children, who can fit this, size three sizes up, ree ree ree

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I find that if a piece of clothing on Amazon has a lot of bad reviews for "running small" it means the thing fits true to size and the hambeasts can't manage to squeeze into it.

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Why would you sell motorcycle jackets that could fit the bike?

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I was looking for a pink motorcycle jacket when I came across this review. I am still shocked, but I really hate when fats give poor reviews because they are too large. Don't tell me to size up, you need to size down.

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It's obvious satire..

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Five stars.